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    Hey there,

    I'm an experienced player returning for Classic. I played Vanilla since day 1 and have around 450 days /played pre-Wotlk. I am looking for a duo leveling partner. Will most likely play either semi-hardcore or hardcore come launch.

    Rolling on a RP-PvP server for a more mature environment.

    Not sure about the schedule, but I am flexible with leveling times if you would like to avoid peak hours, etc. Maybe something like 10-18 hours/day.

    It has to be stated that while I intend to level ''relatively'' fast, I will also engage in occasional world pvp, exploration, profession gathering and fun - all of this without stressing over leveling speed and rushing. Will also do all dungeons at least once.

    Regarding professions, I will be picking Herbalism and Skinning so it would be optimal if you didn't pick any of those. Need before Greed, and any valuable unessential loot should be split.


  • Good luck in your search!

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