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    Greeting Friends,

    I am looking for duo-leveling partner for first week of classic wow. My goal is to get 60 fast, while still hitting up some of the quest filled dungeons along the way. Being a feral druid I will be able to fit the role of tank, healer, or DPS in these 5 man dungeon groups.

    I plan on going feral to level, and will be rushing feline swiftness (+30% movement speed). For professions I am thinking about skinning and enchanting but would be willing to change things up to help the duo.

    A little about me: I am 36 and I played wow from the launch date till the end of WOTLK. I have great memories of skipping college classes to pay Vanilla wow. I am planning on taking a week of PTO when classic wow launches so I am planning on putting a lot of time into leveling in the first week. I am married so my ability to go “full poop sock” as Kargoz says will be slightly limited.

    My Plan for the first week of launch is

    1. Go as long as I can [I am not as young as I once was ;)]
    2. 8-10 off / 16-14 on
    3. 8-10 off / 16-14 on
    4. 8-10 off / 16-14 on
    5. 8-10 off / 16-14 on
    6. 8-10 off / 16-14 on
    7. 8-10 off / 16-14 on

    • I would be willing to change sleep pattern some to miss out on peak times maybe 4:00 a.m. EST – 6:00 p.m. EST - No one likes to level with the Zerg.

    • I would like to avoid the large streamer servers because the populations are going to be crazy. I would not mind joining the server this Kargoz and this community join even if that means I am on the other side of most of you.💛

    If you are interested, write post below, looking forward to a Classic Summer!

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    I also would be open to another feral druid as I think two sherd spec druids would wreck.

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    I would be down to roll a Hunter with you I'm a stay at home dad so my schedule is very flexible. I would only need take off for an hour around 3pm EST to pick up my kid but then after that I'm good.

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    Hi Sain,

    I could be interested. I have a few questions.

    1. What race are you going to be going with (NE or Dwarf)?
    2. Are you willing and able to play 14-16 hours the first week of launch?
    3. What professions are you planning on leveling with?


  • If youre willing to level alongside another feral I would be interested. Also planning on taking off a full week for launch. pm me on Discord if you wanna go over the specifics Antara#2059

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    Hi Antara,

    two feral druids would make a fun comp and with the ability to bounce agro from one another with shred mobs would die really fast. I tried to locate you on Discord but i was unable to. Maybe you will have better luck Larz#2733.

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    Well if you're going Druid then I'll be going NE. As far as the play time if I'm still a stay at home dad then those hours are fine. My profession are going to be skinning I'll level leatherworking at 60.

  • Hey Larz.

    Apologies for the delay but i didnt expect us to have issues talking on discord which ill likely attribute to not having a mutual discord server. Are you part of the discord? If not hop in there when you get the chance and you "should" be able to then Add and PM me.

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    Hey Antara,

    No need to Apologies, I am in the same boat trying to get on the same discord with you. I cant find the discord information can you post that here?

    take it easy.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Give this a try

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