OCE | Priest seeking Warlock/Warrior | Alliance | PvP | AEDST +10 | Semi-hardcore

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    Im looking for a leveling partner for classic launch.

    I'm levelling a Dwarf Priest, looking for warlock or warrior on a PvP Oceanic server.

    We have plenty of time before launch we can discuss strategies and plan our launch week over discord.

    Main Goals:

    Make new friends (I've lost all contact after unsubscribing from retail and know of no-one who is playing Classic IRL or from my old guild) and this is my primary goal.
    Reach 60 in under 14 days /played
    Clear all PvE content in a stable well- functioning guild
    Explore all areas of Classic wow
    I am not in a rush to hit 60 as fast as possible (hence the 14 day goal) and would love to do quests/professions/dungeons throughout the process and enjoy it! I can always speed through the process with alts later on.

    Leveling Times:

    Ideally play 18-24hours on launch day
    Then anywhere between 6-12hours a day after that each day until we cap.
    I am flexible with levelling times if you would like to avoid peak hours, etc.
    AEDST +10 (Sydney, Australia)

    WoW Experience:
    I've mained a Druid since 2006 until patch 8.1 in BFA recently before finally unsubscribing. In that time I've gone from casual to hardcore (especially in the more recent years)

    I've achieved numerous Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve achievements and raided as a high level for quite a few years now before stopping due to lack of interest in retail.

    I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing you all in Azeroth!


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    Whilst I may not be a good fit for a levelling partner I can get you a few discord server invites with a big community of OCE classic fiends? Might help bridge that gap in terms of community?

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    Hey @Vol thanks for contacting me! I've begun searching Discord servers and I've joined a few and begun introducing myself. I'd love to get your suggestion on other servers as well. Thanks very much!

    Still searching for a Duo Partner guys!

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