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    What's up guys, Graysfordays here and I want to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to no life it to 60 the first week! I'm still sort of skeptical of duo-leveling, at least at launch because of the many variables we're all going to face but I figured I'd at least make a post about it! Ultimately I want to have fun but I also anticipate playing and streaming the first 24-36 hours of launch on the same server as Kargoz, Defcamp and Melderon and the rest of the crew. With all things considered, I just think its going to be hard to find someone who will be on the same schedule and wants to play under these circumstances. Although I will say, if anyone wants to roll deep I'll be your right hand man for the first 24 hours of the greatest day of our life!

    I think having someone to level with from 1-10 will be critical in ensuring that we get ahead of the pack and then once we hit the barrens having someone by my side on the same page will allow us to improvise when sh*t hits the fan! Once we get a little bit of breathing room it'll be smooth sailing from there and we'll have the time of our lives leveling through the southern part of the barrens and beyond πŸ˜„

    I'd prefer to level with a fellow druid or hunter or shaman because of the movement speed increase they all share from levels 20-40. The first 24-36 hours I imagine we would hit about level 25+ and then I anticipate sleeping for 3 hours and getting back on the grind. Just a heads up, I'm a 22 year old college student who can go for days without sleep xD but that shouldn't deter you from wanting to level the first fat session with me! We don't have to do the entire 1-60 grind together, but I'd love to share that first experience back in Azeroth with another hardcore leveler if you so wish! I'll be streaming but I promise the dialogue and focus will be on us coordinating together and getting ahead of the crowd! I'm a firm believer in taking the leveling process slow and smelling the roses along the way.. but there are some things we can only experience once!!!! I want to rush to 60 and torment the Alliance and make their lives H-E-Double Hockey Sticks the first few weeks of launch! (and raid and pillage their empty cities with all my horde friends!)

    If you'd like to pursue this beautiful relationship we're going to have to sit down and make a game plan together! I've got a few tricks up my sleeve and could even see us getting 3-4 people together through the first 1-10 zone with a couple strats I've got in my back pocket. Your going to have to be Tauren obviously which luckily can be druid/hunter/ AND shaman! Honestly though if you want to roll an orc or troll we could set up some contingency plan where we could meet up in the barrens!

    Again, still sort of skeptical about launch day and don't know whats going to happen but if nothing else I'd love to discuss leveling routes and strats centered around class quests / normal quests / and certain duo/trio/quad leveling groups!!

    Welcome back to Vanilla boys, the land of Class Trainers, Battlemasters, and re specs that cost 1000g. I can't wait to see you all there! 😭

  • Heya mate!! I'm for sure interested. I was planning on doing a troll hunter for my first char, but if duoing maybe I could look more into Tauren since I won't need that regen as much. I want to go herbing/skinning to get a jump on Black Lotuses and Devilsaur skins when I hit 60 so that might work well especially if you took Alchy as a prof. My only problem right now is it all depends on the release date. I'm out of town July 19th to 26th (SUCH SHITTY TIMING!!!) then I need a week back at work. So if release is going to be around August 6th or 13th, I'm 100% in. If it's before then, I think I'm kinda stuck being a filthy casual haha. But ya let's keep in touch and if my dates work out, I'm totally in for the race to 60 and getting a jump on mats farming before the rest of the plebs catch up! My only down side is I might need a little more than 3 hours sleep time. I usually do well with 5-6. Lemme know whatcha think mate!

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    @Duunebuug That'd be sick dude, I'd love to duo/trio level with some people that first 24 hours! Hopefully once we get some more news on release date and what not we can start to prepare! Thanks for the reply!

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    @Graysfordays I am going horde Shaman... can't make up mind between Orc or Tauren.... either way I will also be "no lifeing it" for the first 48 hours. I survive on green tea and granola bars/trail mix. Energy drinks and shit food will make me crash.... I am 32 yr old and no bullshit... I will be following Joana's leveling guide and am looking for a druid support. Most gear should get funneled to me seeing as your animal forms determine most of your damage. I will be doing dungeons to get upgrades but other then that 90%+ questing. I have an overkill gaming setup and will be streaming it as well on twitch. I have greenscreen and ATR Audio technica microphone with logitech g430 headset.... long story short... I DON'T FUCK AROUND.... EVERYTHING I DO IS 200%!!! If this seriously interests you feel free to reply and we shall exchange discords... talk a little... get everything set up and ready to go for launch date. FOR THE HORDE!!!!

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    @Quickplaya hahaha dude this is the kind of speed I'm looking for bro...

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