What's everyone's favorite zone and why?

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    There are many amazing zones in Classic WoW but my favorite has to be Azshara. I love the eternal autumn look as well as the ruins. Although I have to say Tanaris is a very close 2nd. I swear, I feel like I need a glass of water near me at all times running through that desert.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    I feel like most people would choose lush green zones as their favorite instead of ruins and a desert, Meld. LOL

  • This might sound like an unusual answer, but my favorite zone is Silithus. To me, it felt like I was at the edge of the world, the true frontier, where anything could happen. A hostile, untamed environment where only insects and elementals thrive. Mysterious crystals are strewn about. The Cenarion Circle established an outpost where both factions come together to fight off the threat of an ancient foe: the armies of an Old God sealed a millennium ago. Silithus is host to two unforgettable events: fighting Prince Thunderaan and the Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj.

  • Horde

    I don't have much experience in vanilla. I only played a free trial. But I'll never forget the first time I entered the Barrens. I spent so much time there and did as much as I could, I think level 20 was the cap for trial characters. The oases and mountain tops add the perfect amount of diversity to the arid plains. I felt like a true explorer climbing to the precipice of each mountain, some times finding challenges beyond my capabilities or hidden quest givers.

    Its location in between Mulgore and Durotar makes it the first step into a wild unknown for many Hordies. It's here that we get to meet up with many new allies so we don't have to face the dangers alone. It's the heat in which us lowbies are tempered, and those of us that make it out of the expansive area are all the better prepared for what lies ahead.

  • Druid Horde Partner

    Un'Goro for me... Aesthetically the color of the zone (had to be a green zone for me), the uniqueness of the mobs, and the diversity of life and environment... Gameplay wise it has maybe the best quest cycle, so many useful things to farm (devilsaur, fire elementals, crystals, etc), some of the most awesome flavor with the Mario and Link and Beatles references.

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    Darkshire. Hands down my favorite zone. The quests having a spooky horror aspect to them and the general ambience of the zone pull me in.

  • Feralas. I like because the nature is so beautiful with the elven buildings, have a coast with a great sea and interesting isles. Moreover, have some geographic structures that are awesome like the Twin Colossals in the north.

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    Silithus! I loved farming suits and fighting the 5 man bosses!

    Honorable mention to EPL and Duskwood for some of the best writing in the game with the Fordring and Mor'Ladim/Stalvan quest chains

  • Priest Horde

    Duskwood as an Alliance, Silverpine as Horde.

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