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    Without true wisdom and inner power, the outer trappings of success are all in vain, for spirit is ascendant over matter. That which is eternal is of far greater value than that which turns to dust. The Aqeerah Brotherhood’s teachings are not aimed merely towards self-aggrandizement but for the greater happiness of the Member and so that they, in turn, may bless and help others upon the path of life.

    With that said, let us say that anyone, having the right knowledge, inner power and a circle of powerful friends, with grit and determination can attain to success and prosperity.
    Advancement in the Brotherhood’s degrees of wisdom and power can, however, translate into a virtual guarantee of lifetime security because you are building a power within yourself that can never be taken away. Success is not handed to anyone on a silver platter and only you can guarantee your future happiness.

    Why not start today building that happiness, prosperity, inner power and peace by joining The Aqeerah Brotherhood? you can get us through

    Life is a game. Money is how we keep scores.
    Money speaks sense in a
    language all nations understand.
    If you would know the value of
    money, go and try to borrow
    some; for he that goes a
    borrowing goes a sorrowing.

    Unfortunately, the Christian
    Church has prevented much
    in the way of freedom of
    the press and free speech,
    especially for those of the
    left hand path over the years. our family is a major
    threat to many who wish to
    retain control, riches and power as for
    our family this riches
    and power is in the hands of
    the common man/woman.

    For those of you who were
    raised in Christian homes, or
    were atheists, this intensity
    of spirituality may be believing there is no other way to success accept Christianity, but that is a big liar. believe me AQEERAH Brotherhood lead to success without human sacrifice.

    Most right
    hand path religions are
    based upon stolen and false
    As to those
    Christians who pray and
    keep praying with no answers, our family get blatant answers and I don’t mean twenty years later, but instantly!

    Making wealth is guaranteed for
    the people of the world.

    people have been passing through hell thinking they can make it so fast by working harder but they did not know that there is a secret way to make real money without even a stress, but only the wise and mind set ones that can set on a journey to the spiritual land of wealth where to achieve the kind of life they desire, my people the choice is yours to make neither you choose to design your future nor you leave to admire the wiser ones think wisely and prove the world wrong of ever being poor for the rest of your life to move to the next level,

    We are the first above-ground organization in history
    openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature —
    that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos which is permeated
    and motivated by the[b] Dark Force [/b]which we call Satan.
    Over the course of time, Man has called this Force by many
    names, and it has been reviled by those whose very nature causes them to be separate from this fountainhead of
    existence. They live in obsessive envy of we who exist by
    flowing naturally with the dread Prince of Darkness. It is for
    this reason that individuals who resonate with Satan have
    always been an alien elite, often outsiders in
    cultures whose masses pursue solace in an external deity. We magicians are our own gods, and we are the explorers
    of the
    Left-Hand Path. We do not bow
    down before the myths and
    fictions of the desiccated
    spiritual followers of the Right-Hand Path. Today, we continue to uphold
    our legacy by building on the
    solid foundation created by The Lord Shanghai, and set forth
    in his writings, recordings, and
    videos. Since we were the first organization dedicated to
    him, we have had extensive media coverage and been referred to
    by several names over the course of over four decades:
    Aqeerah temple, is the first occult temple in Africa, before
    occult temple all over African today and the
    world, yet we maintain the
    simplest and boldest moniker, embodied.

    People make life difficult for their self , we are in the world were everything is in control , if you are living a life of poverty and pains, and never know there is a life beyond that, but right now you want to enjoy every dividend of life , riches , fame , power, wealth and protection. you will live a life with out no stress, all this will come as a surprise for any body who want riches famous and power, then you have the chance to do that, OCCULT Knowledge means knowledge which is “hidden”, but it also means knowledge which is known. If it is knowledge that is known, there must be Those who know it; there could be no knowledge without the knowers of it. True occult knowledge can be obtained only by those who follow the path to it. That path was set down by Those Who Know; all who will may and can arrive at that knowledge. This is not a path open only to certain persons; it is open to every living human being, and limited only by the limitations we ourselves place around it through choice or through ignorance.
    Much is heard in the world today of what passes for “occult knowledge”. Much experiment goes on under that name in various directions: we have societies for psychical and psychological research, and there is much talk of psychic and astral “experiences” and “communications” with the dead. All these various methods of research are from below, upwards, and will never find the goal. Scientific methods, psychological methods, the methods of the Spiritualists, alike proceed from particulars to universals. Particulars are infinite, and those who follow that path will inevitably get lost in its infinite ramifications, with no real knowledge gained. The goal is to be found from above, below — from universals to particulars, and not the reverse,

    You need to know that joining Aqeerah BROTHERHOOD Occult is for rituals' Money, Riches, wealth promotion, Protection, fame, luck, and to get your dream husband/wife.

    There is a destination for our lives which will bring us happiness and inner peace. Our daily decision is like a map. If you make the right turns, you will reach your destination easily. If you make a wrong turn, you will become lost...And if you are lost, what you have to do is to stop at a junction and ask for directions. We are the direction to your own personal destination. Aqeerah BROTHERHOOD OCCULT has brought healing, riches , wealth , prosperity, support, protection and justice to many people.

    Whatever be the problem, contact the Aqeerah BROTHERHOOD today, and you will be happy.

    Be it FINANCIAL, VISA, MARRIAGE , WANT TO ASSUME A POSITION, RITUAL INSTANT MONEY, SUPERNATURAL WEALTH, PROTECTION AND FAME, get in touch. The Aqeerah BROTHER HOOD. The Aqeerah Brotherhood Occult Spells Casting start work instantly and result start showing within one to three days .We have the keys to all problems:

    WE ARE A SPECIAL DEMONS that was sent by Master Aqeerah to the world in human form. Giver of Wealth .we give wealth to all that diligently seek our help ,to all that are bold to stand the test of time. Our Power of Richness is to all who are in poverty and need our wealth through our Power Of Instant Wealth Invocation. Simply Contact The wise one Now . it is then left for you to make a choice to be Rich Or to remain Poor . Instant Wealth Initiation Is FREE Only The Materials for your initiation you must provide and come along with it to the temple.

    You can come to The Temple for the initiation and Invocation or we will invoke the Instant Wealth for you and your Physical money will appear before you any where you are in this world.


    Any person seeking for visa to any country of his/her choice can also contact the BROTHERHOOD for a break through, no matter how many times you have been denied.


    If you have been or are a worker/staff of any firm or work place and need a promotion from your current state to a higher state. Just contact the BROTHERHOOD and have your chance.


    Any person in debt or has money problems with anybody can contact the BROTHERHOOD for a solution.


    If you have been struck down by poverty just contact the BROTHERHOOD, to become a member and you will start enjoying in riches.

    Spiritual Attacks

    If you are been attacked by any form of spirits especially at night, then contact the BROTHERHOOD to become a member and know the kind of spirit tormenting your life and the solution to it.


    If you are in headlocks with someone and you wish to settle the case in your favor, then contact the BROTHERHOOD to become a member and you shall surely gain what you seek for.


    If you want a strong protection. Either for your business or against your competitors, kindly contact the BROTHERHOOD to become a member and you will be safe.


    No matter your problems or grievances, just contact the BROTHERHOOD to become a member brake your intentions and problems

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