BiS pet?

  • We all know Broken Tooth with that 1.0 attack speed is deadly versus casters and Lupos won't deal shadow damage, but I think people are slept on the young forest bear of elwynn forest with the slowest attack speed (2.5) in the game. Even though the attack speeds are very different they should do relatively the same amount of damage ( cat family +10% dps, whereas bear receives +5% armor, +10% health ), because although 1.0 is faster the damage per hit is lowered to compensate. Therefore 2.5 attack speed deals the most damage per hit. Young forest bear with his focus dumps in a macro could do the best burst damage of any pet. What do you think, am I a complete madman for swimming from booty bay for this?

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    There's also a black bear somewhere near ironforge airport with the same attack speed, but might be too much hassle for me to get there.

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    First time i levelled with a cat. Second time with an Owl.
    I love bears, but they're so slow tho... Both in attack and movement speed.
    Which is fine, i mean, they do have more armor and health. πŸ™‚
    I haven't been able to tame broken tooth yet~

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    I have always had good luck with wolves myself. Not sure how well they do in Vanilla, but I will probly stick with one once classic drops

  • @Sashimii yeah I usually take a cat for the random pvp encounters that happen and they can kill mobs just fine, but I'm wondering about this bears per hit damage.

    @Reconsniper Yeah wolves are a good all around pet and can be taught furious howl which gives you and the party an attack power buff.

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    I have little exp with Hunters in Vanilla (I've gotten a Hunter to 51 or so on PServers) but I really like wolves. I feel like they are perfectly balanced. Also, I play Orc a lot so it also plays well with race fantasy and orc lore

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    @Melderon I've always loved mah wolves

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    I always enjoyed my boar or bear pets but ultimately the holy trinity was and still is; cat (PvE DPS & caster killer), wolf (raid pet) and wind serpent (melee killer). The good thing with vanilla always was playing the game you want to play it, so you go get your Misha or Huffer if you so want.

    However, to answer your question from the attack speed section of Petopia:
    "One thing it doesn't affect is its damage per second (DPS), as faster pets (in a specific family) may attack more frequently but they do proportionally less damage per hit (than slower pets in the same family). Likewise, pets from families with higher DPS will do more damage than pets from families with lower DPS, even if they have the same attack speed."

    (Low) Bears 0.91 (9% loss)
    (Medium) Wolves 1.00
    (High) Cats 1.10 (10% gain)

    As you can see, a bear will always do less damage overall due to the attack modifier at roughly 20%. A bear is a very solid levelling buddy but Owl's can tank multiple mobs making the whole levelling process quicker and easier. As I said earlier, it is entirely your choice on how you play and what you like the aesthetic of when playing.

    This thread may also help you with some questions:

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    I've always been a fan of the boar for leveling. Love the charge and the tankiness of them. But I hear that carrion bird is actually the best bang for the buck out of all of them. @kargoz has done some research in that department.

  • I am the crazy hunter that always just levels with the pet that I like the looks the most, I'll have the high dps pet for raiding or the helpful pet for pvp, but I just have to have a pet that looks/sounds good for leveling. I can't handle wind serpent pet noises after a few hours of play, drives me insane!!! πŸ™‚

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    What pet would that be @Ebbnflow ? 🦌

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