Hunter 1.12 Master Theorycraft Spreadsheet

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    Damn, good shit. 😄

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    Very nice stuff.

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    I threw together my own spreadsheet to compare MM (17/31/3) and SV (0/21/30).
    According to my results, SV does a tiny bit better than MM at blue pre raid bis and actually a tiny bit worse than MM at T3.

    Using the spreadsheet from this thread, or any other, do you guys also get SV = MM (especially at T3)?

    (I get differences of just about 10 to 30 dps in favor of one or another, so it's in no way decisive. Especially at T3 MM gets so many Items with bonus AP and Crit, more than enough hit and the 5% dmg to all ranged attacks, that MM ultimately always comes out at about the same dps.
    I don't want to compare every little thing, so I just ask for your general experience.
    Of course there are circumstances, such as SV Hunter benefitting from MM Aura (which is like 20 dps) and whether or not a pet can be used (which shifts the favor back towards MM 17/31/3), but ultimately that hardly shifts the results in any direction. )

  • @Zedd I haven't compared SV to MM in a month or so, so it could change slightly, but based on what I saw before as long as pet dps is a factor, survival will NEVER be better than BM/MM unless you have Trueshot Aura provided by another hunter. Now, if you compare without pet factored in, then Survival was ALWAYS better for damage than BM/MM bc you're just wasting talents.

    I do not intend to compare them again until closer to launch, in which case I will compare specs with respective BiS lists that I generate.

    Seems kinda silly that you ask this question in the very thread that has the tool necessary to answer your question though imo.

    As always, if there is anything that you think my sheet could improve upon, please let me know! I set out to create a powerful tool that all hunters can use if they choose to. Obviously you have the choice to not use my sheet and create your own, but you can also just create a copy of mine and modify it to however you choose.

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    Thanks for your quick confirmation.
    I didn't know about your spreadsheet until I got the results of mine. Given that I only spent about an hour on it, I started to wonder if I made some major mistake and searched for other spreadsheets.

    The results are shocking to me, because up until now I always had the firm believe, that SV will definitely outscale MM. To think that MM actually catches up to SV in T3 and is actually slightly better when taking the pet into account seems just crazy to me.
    My plan was to create a top dps SV hunter squad in my guild, having 5+ hunters in the raid, one providing MM Aura, proving everyone wrong about hunters - but ultimately that would be just about a 40 dps total advantage over giving the Aura to 4 melees, maybe 60 with the howl... Even if you get 2 hunters to provide MM Aura, Wolf Howl, T2 expose weakness, the 4 other SV Hunters won't be doing more than 1,1k dps with full T3, while rogues and warriors would easily go 200 or more dps higher, without all that work.
    So much for that dream.

  • DPS definitely changes a lot based on a lot of factors, the biggest ones being buffs and debuffs. A fully buffed hunter in prebis can break 1.1k DPS on an armorless boss. I wouldn't focus "too much" on the numbers unless theres something you're comparing to in the exact same scenario.

    The dream can still be alive! The great thing about classic is there's so many different ways to play. Obviously though if you're going for ultimate min-max you get pidgeon-holed into what gives the maximum gain. Realistically speaking, having 5 different melee groups with 1 hunter each would be better than a 5 hunter group. Though however a raid is composed, I'm sure it will do fine with decent players

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    Maybe it can.
    I will be playing a hunter as first char anyway, since it's about the only dd that can actually make use of T1 items.
    Other dds only have like 2 straight upgrades in mc, that also have relatively low drop chance and might as well just wait until bwl.
    Also hunter is great for farming stuff.

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    Thoughts on 7agi vs minor movement speed for boots while melee weaving?

  • pre-ZG the minor speed is more valuable imo. Post ZG you'll want the swiftness zanza thing so speed on boots would be useless for the most part. I'll have speed as a dps factor eventually but for now its not impacting it

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    Hello. How can i add my own item into spreadsheet?