How to add "Flair" to your username (aka HORDE/ALLIANCE/CLASS)

  • Warrior Horde Moderator

    As some of you have noticed, a few of us have nifty little tags that appear next to our names. In order to apply these:

    • Head to this link here, or simply click on the groups icon in the top left of your screen:

    • From there, click on an applicable group that you wish to join, which will bring you to a menu screen that looks like this:9f632854-e4ee-4124-9a54-867831a87124-image.png

    • Click on "Join Group" button under the group name:

    • For your flair tag to show up in the forums next to your name, head over to your edit profile page, edit it, and click the tag(s) in the Group Title box:0931d182-1deb-4718-adae-fcd4f077ae02-image.png
      Note: If want want to display multiple flair tags, shift+click multiple selections.

    • Make sure to click "Save Changes" before navigating away

    Voilà! Your tag(s) will now show on your profile and forum posts.

  • Paladin Alliance

    I love this feature, is there a possibility to add race?

  • Priest Horde

    Thanks for this post, joined the groups already, but couldn't understand how to show them next to my name.

  • Priest Horde

    Is it maybe an option to add things like Shadow, Resto, Enhancement, Holy, etc? Or add professions (including lvl)?

  • Initiate

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