Classes changed a lot during Vanilla but which was the most complete or polished by the time TBC arrived?

  • During Vanilla every class received significant re-works to their spells, abilities and talents throughout each patch and all the way up to 1.12 before TBC ushered in a massive overhaul that changed everything forever.

    Some classes received more polish than others and this can be seen with odd talents, under-utilized abilities or class specializations in the form of hybrids that wouldn't get a lot of love until future expansions.

    Because Classic will be forever frozen with these final changes in Patch 1.12 - which class in your opinion had the most "complete" all-around package and which was doomed to wait until TBC/WOTLK for better days?

  • Founder Horde

    For best package (all three specs) I'd say warrior.. if you compare to what was added in TBC as far as talents not much really changed for the class.. other classes gained much more in TBC to catch up.

    Arms - S tier for group PvP spec. MS required . Always want at least one warrior. Drawback - quite bad solo PvP vs many classes.
    Fury - S tier. Arguably best PvE spec.. only question mark is threat.
    Prot - S tier. Best tank for all content.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    I have to agree with Ayle. Warrior is really in a great place in Classic WoW in almost any aspect. Many the only downside is leveling speed. But even with leveling, things can be done to expedite the process.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    From a PvP perspective, only Warlocks and Mages have a very "complete" feel to them imo.

    Warriors feel like they are missing something; they have very exploitable weaknesses. In TBC, these weaknesses are somewhat mitigated by Spell Reflection, Second Wind, and Imp Intercept + Deathwish being moved to Arms.

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