What professions will you get in Classic and why?

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    Herb alchemy off the bad because of the sweet buffs.

  • Horde

    @Pohgren heck yeah

  • Initiate

    how would you make money if you have 2 crafting professions and no gathering one? i want go go eng/alch but i don't think i will be able to get money as a pally to buy herbs for pots and bombs

  • Shaman Horde

    I will be doing Herb / Alchemy I may not make as much leveling but it well give me a good jump to start on getting my stuff for raiding, and it will save me a ton in the end. At 60 I will max out my cooking and fishing as well.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    @Beano Consider doing Cooking as you level! I'm working on a guide about just that. The buff food you get is helpful no matter what class you are.

  • Shaman Horde

    @Navak OK I will check it out. I tend to save all of the mats I find for cooking then do it at the end so I don't slow down to much but if I can mix it in with out slowing down to much I am all for it.

  • Druid Horde Partner

    @Leadder if you're trying to make money with Alchemy while leveling, you can definitely just buy herbs to make potions and sell them. There will be a ton of people taking Herbalism at the start (high supply), many people choosing to level crafting professions at max level (low demand), and not that much gold in the market, all leading to low prices. If you're talking about going Eng/Alch to use what you make as you level, then yeah that will become very expensive. You'd have to play the Auction House a lot more in order to supply your consumable use, which gets expensive even if you have double gathering professions. At least you don't have to pay the same as everyone for your mount at 40, though.

  • Druid Horde Partner

    @Jodak Also, Enchanting as a druid will give you access to a BiS bear trinket

  • Mage Alliance

    @Pohgren said in What professions will you get in Classic and why?:

    Herb alchemy off the bad because of the sweet buffs.

    I forgot about profession buffs. Were they in Vanilla? Or were they introduced later?

  • Partner

    @ReverendChris I was referring to Potions and the buffs you get from those. Bonus Armor, Bonus Str, Ect.
    Make leveling nice Imo.
    Cuz I dont think the Profession buffs are in classic. I want to say that is BC.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    @Pohgren it was either wrath or cata

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    Ah thanks @Melderon

  • Paladin Alliance

    Probably mining/smithing, I know having enchanting or engi in stead of mining would be more optimal but the pain of seeing a mining node and not being able to mine it is just too much for me.

  • Mage Alliance

    @Melderon I remember it in Cata, I think, but it didn't last long. Mining gave stamina, skinning gave crit & herbalism gave a small heal & spirit I think.

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    On my main toon, a druid, I will be going Herbalism and Alchemy with a side of cooking and fishing. The idea of making potions that I can both make some gold from and help out friends and guildys appeals to me. Also since back in vanilla I was a blacksmith then switched to engineering I wanted to try something different. I want to do more with cooking because I never gave it much thought back in the day and want to see what it can do. And Fishing for a similar reason as cooking and I will need lots of fish for Alchemy.

    Also on my main alt, who will go by the name Farmer Joe, will be skinning and mining. Like the name implies he will be my farming and money making alt.

  • Priest Horde

    I think I'll pick up Skinning for levelling then switch it out for either Herbalism or Engineering at higher levels.
    I'll also pick up Enchanting to get my first wand before switching it out for Tailoring.

  • Druid Horde

    My original Druid in BC was Skinning / LW then I switched to Herb / Engineering. This time I will start with Herb / Skinning. Most likely end up Alch / Eng. Hopefully I am better with earning and saving money this time around.


  • Priest Horde

    Skinning, Mining to 40, then drop skinning and get Tailoring, then get my chest piece and after that drop tailoring and get either Enginering (if PvP has to be my thing) or Alchemy & Herbalism if able to Raid.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    I have not played on a fresh server before, so Im really curious how the AH develops, assuming at the start, there's very little gold around. Does this mean prices start very low and slowly inflate as players accumulate more gold while questing and vendoring?

    My preference was tailoring and ench on a priest, I've always loved the satisfaction of grinding away for cool gear, which you wear for sometime and helping our guildies with enchants too.
    Not sure if this is the route to making my gold fortune though....

  • Shaman Horde

    So I have thought a lot about this and have actually tested it out along my routes. I will pick up Herbalism and Skinning on my main Resto Shaman 1-59, and Alchemy at 60. I will save any Alchemy recipes I get along the way so I have them at 60. The main reason is Gold. The AH will be flooded with Leathers, so I may try to sell 1-2 stacks, but the vendor price for them is still great. It is an easy way to make gold early on and, from testing, I had over double the amount needed for my Mount at 40 and only had to grind for 2-3 hours at 60 for my epic mount. Herbalism is simpler, keep what is needed to level to 300 and sell anything left on the AH. Any surplus I will just vendor. I am actually going to create a separate bank toon from my main bank toon, just to hold onto Herbs. haha When I reach 60, I power level through and will have access to high-level potions immediately which makes me more useful to my guild. 😃
    This is not the best strat while speed running, as I often go out of my way to skin dead animals or pick up herbs, but it certainly makes gold gathering much simpler.

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