What professions will you get in Classic and why?

  • Priest Horde

    I think I'll pick up Skinning for levelling then switch it out for either Herbalism or Engineering at higher levels.
    I'll also pick up Enchanting to get my first wand before switching it out for Tailoring.

  • Druid Horde

    My original Druid in BC was Skinning / LW then I switched to Herb / Engineering. This time I will start with Herb / Skinning. Most likely end up Alch / Eng. Hopefully I am better with earning and saving money this time around.


  • Priest Horde

    Skinning, Mining to 40, then drop skinning and get Tailoring, then get my chest piece and after that drop tailoring and get either Enginering (if PvP has to be my thing) or Alchemy & Herbalism if able to Raid.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    I have not played on a fresh server before, so Im really curious how the AH develops, assuming at the start, there's very little gold around. Does this mean prices start very low and slowly inflate as players accumulate more gold while questing and vendoring?

    My preference was tailoring and ench on a priest, I've always loved the satisfaction of grinding away for cool gear, which you wear for sometime and helping our guildies with enchants too.
    Not sure if this is the route to making my gold fortune though....

  • Shaman Horde

    So I have thought a lot about this and have actually tested it out along my routes. I will pick up Herbalism and Skinning on my main Resto Shaman 1-59, and Alchemy at 60. I will save any Alchemy recipes I get along the way so I have them at 60. The main reason is Gold. The AH will be flooded with Leathers, so I may try to sell 1-2 stacks, but the vendor price for them is still great. It is an easy way to make gold early on and, from testing, I had over double the amount needed for my Mount at 40 and only had to grind for 2-3 hours at 60 for my epic mount. Herbalism is simpler, keep what is needed to level to 300 and sell anything left on the AH. Any surplus I will just vendor. I am actually going to create a separate bank toon from my main bank toon, just to hold onto Herbs. haha When I reach 60, I power level through and will have access to high-level potions immediately which makes me more useful to my guild. 😃
    This is not the best strat while speed running, as I often go out of my way to skin dead animals or pick up herbs, but it certainly makes gold gathering much simpler.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    im predicting an over supply of herbs and leather for the first month of classic!

  • Initiate

    For a warlock, i will be taking Tailoring and herbalisim for the alchemists who will need mats. till 60, will drop herbalisim and pick up engineering for PvP items.
    Will roll an alt to take Alchemy and Herbalisim for end game gold.

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    PVP - Main Orc lock will be tailoring and enchanting. My Orc warrior alt is going to pick up herbalism and alchemy. When I get all that I need from tailoring on my main, I'll drop it for engineering. Was planning on an alt priest, but decided to save priest for alliance server.

    PVE - Dwarf Priest with tailoring and herbalism. Human mage will likely be fed herbs so, better go with alchemy and maybe mining just to sell in the AH.

  • Mage Alliance

    I'm really torn on this one. On the one hand I want to make a little extra gold with skinning & herbalism (to help my alchemy later on) , but on the other I like the RP element of tailoring/enchanting for a mage.

    Most likely I will do skinning/herbalism on my main & enchanting/tailoring on my bank alt that way I can craft & enchant gear on my bank alt to send to my main or sell. This will also give me the ability to make some wands & bags as well. At end game I will also switch to alchemy.

  • Priest Horde

    Changed my mind! Gonna go Enchanting & Tailoring from the start and keep them.
    Need dat wand!

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    @Dan Yeah dude. It felt much harder and slower on my lock than normal before grabbing a wand. There wasn't a ton of cloth dropping for me either. I was level 9 and only had 40 by then.

  • Shaman

    I think I want to try enchanting. But... as a shaman I don't need the weapon enchants... hm. Maybe my alt will be an enchanter and I'll just make Jhaman a double-gatherer for vendoring stuff while leveling.

  • Initiate

    thinking about mining + skining and later mining + eng. dont know if herb is better than mining in the end, maybe, but i think ill go mining while leveling so i can level eng easier later on

  • Initiate

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