S08E03 of GOT was spectacular! <SPOILERS>

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    I love how they took care of the major threat to the world itself with 3 episodes to spare. Just goes to show that there is so much passion, love, vengeance, and hatred tied into the "real" driver being Cersei and the quest for the Iron Throne.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I didn't like how Arya just appeared out of no where to kill the Night King. There were ate least 5 white walkers there and hundreds of wights, and she just passes through as if she was invisible? It seemed too easy to kill the baddest creature of that world.

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    @Luiz She is a faceless man...er women, though. They are the most elite assassins in the world, right? And he did know she was coming. It was her crafty wit really that felled him.

    I understand your point. It was a bit gratuitous but who else would it have been, really? Jon almost makes too much sense in my opinion.

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    I am not saying that it was bad that Arya was the hero. I think it was wonderful to be her! But I think they should show how she got there, some foreshadowing of a secret pasage to the sacred grove, or something like that. Just pass through 5 white walkers and hundreds of wights seemed too much for me.

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    Ah I see. I kind of understand. However, I tend to think of Arya as a rogue opening on you in Hillsbrad Foothills. Perhaps its more epic not to know? But I loved the gust of wind snippet and the white walker turning his head. Almost some Anime stuff right there. I'm not really into to Anime but that's what it felt like.

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    That's what happens when you roll PvP server. Nerf rogues imo

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    I did like the episode. They did a fantastic job of capturing the suffocating feeling of being trapped in a castle under attack. The special effects team, make up, set design and costume design is phenomenal on this show!

    However, I feel the writing on the show has slipped dramatically since departing from Martin's story. I believe David Benioff and D B Weiss have set up a series of big moments that they want to work towards, and they will skirt any number of details to make them happen. This has never been more clear than in this episode, where there are continuity errors even within the same scene.

    Spoilers ahead

    For example, when Jon is chasing down the Night King outside the gates of Winterfell he is surrounded when NK raises the dead. Completely surrounded. He begins defending himself as we cut to the next scene. When we come back to Jon he seems to have done quite well as there are no longer any opponents behind him, not a one!

    Later Beric Dondarrion and Sandor Clegane save Arya in the castle halls. Beric is slain in an archway as he does his best Christ pose (eat your heart out Scott Stapp) and is stabbed repeatedly. The Hound picks up Arya and retreats to the safety of an unlocked room. The next shot is The Hound and Arya entering the room with Beric half a second behind them. "Wait a minute... how did you? Pretty sneaky, R'hllor" There's just no way he should have ended up in the space at that time.

    Theon channels his missing brother, Victarion and fights off what seems like dozens of undead. Too bad he was unable to unlock this potential at literally any other point in the series.

    While I feel the show's writers have missed the mark when it comes to what makes the story in the books so great. I did really enjoy watching this episode as I've managed to separate the show in its current state from how it began. It's a lot more of building up to "Oh sweet!" moments than it is that character driven, political intrigue tale from the books. Perhaps Benioff and Weiss will return to form for the last three episodes, but I feel it may be too little to late for me to recapture how I felt about the early season.

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    Absolutely, Leonard. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    All in all I was pretty disappointed with the episode. The cinematic moments were extremely strong (the Dothraki's lights slowly going out springs to mind) but, they were just that... cinematic. There was a serious lack of stakes that I think undermines the core themes of the show. Many times I saw characters seemingly overrun only to see them reappear moments later. This is a problem that I think goes back to season 5 when D&D started running out of material (although I am definitely not the first to notice this lol.)

    Since Ned's death in season 1, the series underlined this idea of consequences... no matter who you are, if you make a stupid move in the name of being a hero, you die. There's no such thing as "plot" armor, and that makes every moment tense because you don't know who will be next. Cut to Season 8, where Jon and Viseryon are just bumping into each other in the sky with no clear direction, and then he just ends up screaming at him only to be saved at the last minute? Unless you count Theon, there wasn't a single major death in the battle to end all battles, and that seems like a missed opportunity.

    But the dragons above the clouds tho.... I mean damn.

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    I agree that when the creators had no text to drive them, things did become a little cliché. However, when fighting the Undead Scourge, I mean the wights and the White Walkers, I feel that every move is a stupid one at its base - not by choice of course but because there is no other recourse. Your argument is completely sound when looking at the series as a whole. However, in this circumstance, I cut them some slack. Why? Because they are fighting death itself. The unnatural nature of that lends to the chaos and loads of dues ex machina that we see on the battlefield. There is no reprieve. Because of this, I feel that no one that survived the battle will ever be the same again. Everyone will carry this the rest of their lives. But, pragmatically, they kind of need a good strong core of characters to move on to the next story arc. I think we will see a lot more death in the last 3 episodes.

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    The first three episodes of season 8 were like a love-letter to the fans. So epic, so exciting. I was laughing, crying, and screaming at the screen. The next episode was okay, but not quite the direction I wanted. The last two episodes had a lot of things I would have done differently, but it doesn't take away from how awesome the show was inits entirety. Everything we felt throughout the series was planned, and I can't help but wonder if the show runners also wanted us to feel ready for it to be over with. By episode 8:4, I started to feel that I did want the show to end. Breaking Bad was the opposite for me. I wanted more after the last episode, but was seriously satisfied with how it ended.

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