<The Fellowship> | EU - PvP | server time (GMT +1) [A] {PvE: 2 + PvP} (Semi-Hardcore & Casual)

  • Guild name: The Fellowship
    Region: EU
    Faction: Alliance
    Server type: PvP
    Server name: To be decided
    Loot system: DKP (with some prio rules, for example main tank gearing)
    Raid Times: Days are not set in stone yet, the raid hours will likely be something like 19:30-23:00 (CET/GMT+1)
    Type of guild:
    This guild will mainly focus on raiding. It will NOT be a super hardcore raiding guild, but we'll still try to make decent progress and be amongst the better guilds on the server. By not being super hardcore, I mean we will NOT go with the perfect class setup necessarily. Instead we will allow SOME offspecs, and as a rule of thumb we'd like to have around 5 of each class in the raid. Furthermore, you won't be required to be fully buffed with world buffs/consumables, and it will not be necessary to be BiS either (some decent gear is a requirement to raid though). By going this softer way, I'd hope to recreate a little bit of the old feeling of vanilla raiding, where a lot of things weren't figured out yet and were everyone was still experimenting a bit. That being said, if you feel like going BiS and fully buffed with consumables, you are still very welcome, as long as you don't expect everyone to be like you. From a raid attendance point of view, there will not be any prerequisites, but people who show up more often will be prioritized above people who don't. Don’t expect to set foot into MC within the first month of classic launch. While we’ll try to be raiding sooner rather than later, we still want to have time to enjoy the levelling experience and give everyone time to find some gear in the max level dungeons. If you are not into raiding and you just want to hang around in guild chat or do some dungeons or pvp together, you are welcome as a social-member and you don't need to write an application.

    If you want more information, you can check out the discord: https://discord.gg/RaU5YWT on which you can also make an application. There is also a promotion video for this guild on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPYpuIlSnGI

    Hope to see you in our team

  • Initiate

    We are still looking for more members! - Mage and Hunter class leader. Not atleast Raid leader 😄

  • Initiate

    Much love for this guild. I would highly recommend it to both veterans and newcomers who are looking to try recreate the old vanilla experience together. 😃

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