Which enchants should I get while leveling?

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    Taladril threw together a great list of enchants.

    I'd like to start a small discussion around what enchants are worth purchasing while leveling.
    Perhaps the answer depends on if it is your first time through vs leveling an alt.

    For the main/first character:

    Lesser beastslayer is pretty cheap and looks cool, I feel like grabbing this randomly in a town is worth it for both the RP value and the boost to stats. Its easy to pick up any time there are other players around. Often you can get this one free (or at cost) from friends/guildies who are leveling enchanting.

    Would you consider bracer enchants? I feel like gear turns over so fast that it may not be worth it if you are just trying to speed to 60. I'd love for someone to prove me wrong.

    For alts:

    A pair of travel boots with minor speed or mithril spurs is huge for those long quest runs. Use white cloth and this can be recycled for other alts.
    A stack of armor kits, shield spikes, sniper scopes, counterweights makes everything better.
    A spirit set for regen that can be slapped on between pulls while drinking. Addons or macros can make this easy.
    A skinning knife with +spell power or +healing power is BIS for most casters.

    I'm curious to see what others will use. I've seen some crazy theory-crafting come out of vanilla players.

  • +7weapon dmg on weapons is pretty kewl
    +100hp chest is great aswell

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    well on classic u most likely wont be able to get a enchant early on since the stuff just started unless ur an enchanter etc so wouldnt focus so much on enchants at start but when u begin ur alts etc for sure since there probably gone a few weeks or even months for some people

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    Honestly, anything you can get. Enchanters will have to re-enchant the same piece of gear numerous times to get their skill ups. Because of this, you can usually get enchants for very low cost. I'd make sure to make friends with enchanters in your guild and/or server and ask them if they need to get their skill ups at all. Of course, tipping is always appreciated 🙂

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