What aspect of playing a Druid in classic has you the most excited?

  • Personally I'm looking most forward to going back to being the jack of all trades master of none. My best Classic memory was running SM Cathedral as cat DPS and saving my group by switching to Bear when the tank died, Innervating the priest when they went OOM, and throwing a timely rebirth to save a fight. Love the gameplay of Druid and the lore.

  • Druid Alliance

    I like the underdog aspect. It's strongest in vanilla so when you do stuff that people don't expect it's a lot of fun.

  • stealthed pvp healer with the only kinda battle res ingame available to them

  • Druid Horde Partner

    I like the idea of being able to do something because that's what your guildies or friends want, or what you feel in the moment, rather than what you're able to do because of your class choice. Tank left the group? No problem. Stealth runs? No problem. WSG weekend? No problem. Death squad approaching you while you're out picking herbs? No problem.

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    The lore of druids it's the reason I chose that class (and night elfs also), and the hundred of possibilities made me love it.

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    For me it is the shape changing. I have always liked mythical creatures like werewolves, skinwalkers, and other things like that.

    That and it gives me the chance to try all aspects. I can try healing, melee dps, spell dps, and tanking with out starting another class.

  • @Icanem Same here. I couldn't decide on a class back in Vanilla, but then I took a break from the game and played WC3 and really liked the NE campaign and specifically the Druid units. I then came back to Vanilla and leveled a NE Druid. Played him through every expansion until BFA.

  • Warlock Rogue

    From the perspective of the class, the aesthetic was just incomparable and the only other with as much rich lore was Paladin but the nature side of the class was the most appealing thing. Animal mimicry, teleportation to a sanctum just for your brethren, survivability and the sneaky sneaky. What's not to love!

  • Druid Horde

    When I first started in Burning Crusade I picked Prot Warrior, boy that was a slog. I think I made it to 23 before I quit, and I made my first Druid. I wanted to be Feral and no one was ever going to get me to heal. I tanked some Dungeons and it was fine. It wasn't until later that I realized I liked healing. So now I have one character who can do a bit of everything.

    I must admit I had a hard time at first deciding between Shaman and Druid. However, Druid won out. Sadly, because I realized we will not have the ability to transmog in Classic. So. purple pants, yellow gloves, red helm… it makes no difference I am a cow cat. Mooooooo.

  • Druid Horde

    @Siberian-Husky I should have just copied and pasted your response. It was to the point and without all the bla bla bla of my response . HA HA.


  • Priest Horde

    I won't be playing a Druid (#Priest4Lyf) but I'm excited to see some tree forms walking around again! 😄

  • Initiate

    MOONKIN. It's the reason why I play WoW. Favorite spec on my favorite class. Been rocking druids since d2. I know that blanace is sub optimal spec for pve/pvp, but I want to play it so bad I plan on min maxing in a bunch of ways to make it viable. Focus on herbs and alchemy, so I can come to raids as buffed as possible. Love the feeling of a good starfire crit.

  • Druid Horde

    The ability to just endlessly kite and self heal. constant shapeshifting skills for an advantage. I want to hold that flag in Warsong for eternity.

    Also duo leveling with a rogue, so the stealth and two man farming methods will be boss.
    I Plan on going deep Resto

  • Initiate

    Druids are the best. I plan on Feral Tanking in PvE and Flag Running in PvP; those are my favorite things to do.

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    Flag running! I got a druid to rank 7 or 8 before TBC pre-patch when I re-rolled from Warrior to Feral to tank.

    Druids are also the best class for taking advantage of all the available gear, sitting in stealth able to swap at will for any possible situation. You truly get rewarded for farming alternate sets as opposed to just getting an extra few stats points. There was an 80+ minute long feral druid video from back in 2006 I used to have of a druid who was his guilds tank (including tanking nef), all his tanking gear and all his resist gear allowed him to take down anyone, as opposed to just swapping a trinket. (If anyone can find this video I need to have it in my life again!)

    Leveling is a breeze, on beta I was taking down 3+ mobs at once that were just murdering my warrior when it was on the same quest, and you NEVER need to wait for a group to do elite quests if no one else is around.

    I have a memory of pressing feral charge, immediately switching out and pressing NS, then getting frame lag to the point I feral charged in Tauren form. Since that day I have tried to re-create that moment with no success.

    Also I feel obligated to link this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klm2Q7xu_d4

  • Warlock Rogue

    As it's been a while and we're so close now. This was the magic that made Druid super underrated.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

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