For those of you rolling on an RP server... introduce your character!

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    Vanilla was uniquely great at providing a sandbox for role-playing, and I can't wait to join an RP guild once Classic launches. I want to hear about what characters you all will be playing. Where are they from? What do they want? What dark past haunts them? IMHO, knowing what drives your character gives so much more depth to the experience.

    Allow me to introduce: Tyenne

    An early recruit to the Defias Brotherhood, Tyenne was valued for her quiet ambition, vicious persistence, and preternatural fluency in alchemy and poisons. Growing up as a derelict orphan on the streets of Stormwind’s Old Town, she has little reverence for the rule of law. Her own disdain for the city’s leadership brought her into the graces of Edwin VanCleef, who she eventually forsook after being tasked with setting up a Defias outpost in the recently evacuated Raven Hill. Witnessing the power of the undead first hand shook any sense of loyalty she still maintained, and she instead became consumed with the dual forces of nihilism and self-preservation. She entered into an agreement with the notorious Morbent Fel, trafficking cadavers to fuel his sick experiments in exchange for his arcane protection (and a considerable amount of gold.) Now with Morbent Fel dead, killed at the hands of a self-righteous adventurer, Tyenne must take her business into her own hands.

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    Meddling kids always kill the best villains.

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