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    So, I have heard the Blizzard is going to use the game engine from Legion which got me to wondering about the addon developers. I am not a developer, so I am not sure about these things, but I wonder.

    • will developers be modifying old addons or newer ones?

    • what will be the limitations, if any, from Blizzard?

    • Will developers be given early access to the game to get the addons ready?

    • Will there be a menu sections for addon options or just the old / system?

    I know no one knows yet, but I'm sure Blizzard has a plan for it.

    Also, I wonder what system the macros will use? Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions. Thanks

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Here are my thoughts:

    1.) I think they would modify new ones and "down tune" them to work within the bounds of the Classic gameplay. But, I also, am not a developer.
    2.) Things like decursive and weakauras should, and hopefully will be, disabled. Addons that play for you are really against the core game systems and style of Vanilla WoW. I assume addons like this will be blocked and limited.
    3.) I don't think so unless they are prestigious within the community. People like Adam from DBM I see getting a BETA key if a BETA is actually released. But the vast majority of addon devs will have to wait. And in my opinion, that's a good thing. We should have an add-on free era of Classic
    4.) I think text based command line options will be there but will not be used given the ease-of-access an addon window provides. I expect an Addon system settings window in Classic

  • Founder Shaman

    This is a very good question. I'm thinking that the BETA will be the major dev ground for getting addons situated with the new LUA. I can see certain people being given keys but I think it's going to be much more luck-of-the-draw and developers might opt to buy BETA key access.

    I agree with Melderon that they are going to tool up UI features and bring the Main Menu a little more into 2019. I would imagine they would be compatible with the Twitch integration tool as well.

    We'll see how much mileage we get out of the BETA as far as addon development is concerned but I think the BETA will check all the major addon boxes prior to launch.

  • Mage Alliance

    Great insight guys, I can play the game without addons, but there I some I sure like.

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