My Vanilla Warrior leveling experience.

  • Mage Alliance

    I have been playing on Kronos, it is a 1x XP private server & I just got my warrior to level 10. WOW! When people say warriors are a pain to level they aren't kidding. It took me 4 hours & 45 minutes to get to level ten. Along the way I died 7 times. In contrast I leveled on retail, in full heirlooms, in 36 minutes to 10.
    Some things I noticed about Vanilla that slowed me down:

    • no autoloot, have to click everything

    • hearthstone cooldown is an hour

    • have to really be careful pulling, or you will die

    • being dead & running to your corpse is a thing

    • drop chance for quest items seem pretty awful

    • you have to go back to the trainer to learn new abilities

    • those abilities cast you money that you probably don't have

    I was going to level 2 toons at the same time, but now I am thinking about just concentrating on one.

    What are your plans?

  • Druid Alliance

    I'd definitely just focus on one character at a time. The only time you'd want to do more than one at a time is if you multibox.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    @ReverendChris Just a tidbit, you can "autoloot" by holding shift and clicking the corpse. Saves you a lot of time. Oh, and single corpse autoloot (without holding shift) will be in Vanilla most likely as it was in the demo as well as the "leaked" alpha screenshots!

    Keep at it man, its worth the grind!

  • Mage Alliance

    Thanks, I didn't know about the shift loot option.

  • Yeah, if you are going to have 2 characters, just let one of them rest in an inn to get the rest bonus, really helps out in the end. Though I would just focus on 1 character at a time!

  • Initiate

    Leveling an alt with just rested xp worked for me in classic takes awhile but goes fast and you can skip alot of grinding

  • Shaman Horde

    A warrior is tough you have to take it slow at first. Always be on the look out for a good weapon it will help a ton. I believe there is a guide in the warrior forums for weapon progression. I personally only like leveling one toon at a time but, I normally always have an alt sitting in an inn ready to go when I do feel like starting up again.

  • Mage Alliance

    That's what I'm going to do. I'm maining a Mage, but will have my warrior on standby.

  • Initiate

    a great idea is look what abilities u should learn and what once you shouldnt learn right away like mage and warlock at lvl 1 they should sell their food and water to buy their lvl 1 ability since they get a huge dps boost with it lock get immolate which is rly strong early on and mage get intellect which gives 30mana =1 fireball melee classes wont be able to do this since they only start with food and not mana but rly look at what abilities weapon upgrades etc no need to run to ur trainer if the ability u get isnt worth the walk at that point rather keep doing your quest or mob grind then run 10min, also the weapon upgrade is always a huge thing because u will be able to deal more dmg kill mobs faster a few dps on a weapon can change ur kill speed from 7adds for 10min or 10 adds for 10min 😄

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