Favorite Dungeons and Why?

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Favorite Dungeons.....Go!

    Mine are, in no particular order:

    Shadowfang Keep - the dark castle feel!
    Zul'Farrak - openness and mountability!
    Blackrock Depths - Sheer depth

  • Initiate

    Deadmines- First dungeon I ever did, cant replace it
    Zul'Farrak- Really enjoy the outdoor vibes, plenty of mobs and good loot
    Stratholme (Undead > Living) Pinnacle of being a boss (until you discover raiding is a thing and you realise there are so many better players than you)

  • Horde

    Shadowfang Keep is by far my favorite dungeon, excellent atmosphere and music, the bosses are also pretty cool

  • Druid Horde Partner

    I always loved being able to mount in ZF, and the pyramid event was so unique and awesome.

    I loved the fact that UBRS was 10 man even though the fights weren't the most interesting. I barely missed out on the 10-man Scholo and Strat train as they changed it before I got to 60.

    I loved the atmosphere of the underground oasis of Inner Mara, gave me a lot of callbacks to Wailing Caverns but not as gloomy. But was not a fan of Purple and Orange Mara.

  • Shaman Horde

    Shadow Fang Keep is my number 1 I always get to 22 and try and do it as many times as I can before I level past it lol.
    Then it would have to be Scholo just love the feel of the place.

  • Priest Warlock Horde

    SFK - I love the immersion and build up from questing in the zone. It might have been the "Why was Classic WoW Shadowfang Keep so Good?" video that first brought me to Classicwow.Live

    also big fan of:
    SM and Scholo

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    Dire Maul North. It was the first dungeon that tried to break the mold. Every other one it was go in kill everything get loot. But in this one you get rewarded for not killing the bosses. That and it was funny to have a Gnome where the Ogre suit.

    That being said I am very much looking forward to running the 5 and 10 man dungeons again. Back during vanilla I didn't really care all that much about the dungeons. To me it was all about the loot. What did we get? Is it any good? I didn't care about the dungeons themselves. Now, I want to explore them all. The lore behind them. The different mechanics each one used. Basically experience now what I wish I did back then.

  • Druid Horde

    hm… My top are

    BFD, ST and ZF, SM

    I still quote that guy when I wake up in the morning...

    "naughty secrets" … " I'll rip the secrets from your flesh "

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    BRD because it is the greatest dungeon in the history of World of Warcraft over every single expansion

    ST because it is criminally underrated

    The one thing those 2 have in common is that a full run could take 2-5 hours and getting lost was actually fun rather than frustrating. You were always finding new things in those 2 zones.

    UBRS because I was one of only 3 Alliance on my server with the key for the longest time

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