1-60 Shaman Leveling Guide by Kargoz

  • 1-60 Shaman Leveling Guide

    Class Overview, Talents, Rotation, Weapon Progression, and more!
    A World of Warcraft 1.13 Guide by Kargoz


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    Greetings Prospective Shaman, my name is Kargoz and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a long time. Starting my journey in 2004, I’ve since leveled multiple classes to 60 on various Vanilla realms, including Nostalrius, Anathema, Zeth’kur, Lightbringer, and most recently on Northdale. I’ve learned through the years that leveling is probably my favorite aspect of the game, particularly speed leveling. The amazing thing about World of Warcraft: Classic is that leveling is a huge part of the overall experience!
    In order to make this guide as accurate as possible I consulted multiple reputable Shamans including Pesh, Egregious, Melderon, and Cabe . I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who contributed something to this project, your collective understanding of the class proved invaluable. I am thrilled to present for your viewing pleasure this Shaman Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft 1.12!

    Class Overview

    Shamans are strong Tier 2 levelers with high mobility, kiting potential, and excellent group utility. Starting at level 6, Shaman’s can start kiting mobs with Earthbind Totem weaving in and out of their enemy’s hit box trading 1 hit for 1 hit. This technique called “Earthbind Kiting” will greatly reduce incoming damage while not reducing damage dealt since you will ideally be monitoring natural auto attacks with a Swing Timer addon. This method also allows Shaman’s to solo enemies much stronger than them by kiting them around indefinitely letting Searing Totem do chip damage. At Level 20, Shamans get an incredible 40% movement speed increase through Ghost Wolf which is the highest movement speed in the game at this 20-30 level bracket. At Level 30, Shaman’s get a self resurrection ability on called Rebirth allowing them reduced downtime in the case of an unfortunate death. At 32 Shamans get Astral Recall effectively giving them a second Hearthstone on a 15 minute CD.
    In a group setting, Shamans can Heal, DPS, and contrary to popular belief even Tank. While they do lack a hard “Taunt”, through tools such as Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter Weapon, and Earth Shock, Shamans can readily build threat and tank decently if given the opportunity. Regardless of role, a good Shamans adds massive utility to his party through Heals, Tanking Ability, and a variety of useful Shaman Totems.

    Shaman Leveling Pros & Cons


    Tier 2 Leveling Speed
    High Burst Damage
    Amazing Group Utility
    Talent Flexibility
    High Mobility
    Ancestral Recall (2nd Hearth)
    Strong Self Healing
    Excellent at Kiting
    Most Interrupting Class
    Can Tank, DPS, or Heal
    Can Solo Elites


    High Skill Cap
    Tier 2 ST Kill Speed
    Constant Mana Management
    Lots of Keybinds
    Struggle vs. Multiple Targets
    Moderate Gear Dependance
    No Taunt
    No Hard Crowd Control

    Shaman Race Options

    Orcs: 24 Strength, 17 Agility, 23 Stamina, 18 Intellect, 25 Spirit
    Blood Fury +AP CD, 25% to Resist Stuns, +5 Axe Specialization
    Tauren: 26 Strength 15 Agility 23 Stamina 16 Intellect 24 Spirit
    War Stomp Stun CD, Nature Resist, +5% HP, +5 Herbalism
    Trolls: 22 Strength, 22 Agility, 22 Stamina, 17 Intellect, 23 Spirit
    Berserking (10-30% Haste CD), Bonus HP Regen, +5% Dmg to Beasts


    Enhancement: Orc
    Restoration: Troll
    Elemental: Troll


    Enhancement: Orc
    Restoration: Tauren = Orc
    Elemental: Tauren = Orc

    Useful Addons

    Swing Timer <- Click for Link to Addon
    Tracks both your swing timer and your enemies swing timer. This is vitally important to effectively “Earthbind Kiting”.

    Totem Module <- Click for Link to Addon
    Call of Elements is mostly a totem timer / placement addon. It displays four totem icons that you can click to summon totems.

    ShammyBuff <- Click for Link to Addon
    A tracker and reminder for your Lightning Shield charges and weapon buffs. 5 minutes can pass really fast!

    XP / Hr Tracker <- Click for Link to Addon
    Track your leveling efficiency with precision. Use a tool that can share insights such as EPH and EPM and Average XP per kill.

    Outfitter <- Click for Link to Addon
    Addon allows you to swap gear back and forth easily.
    This is useful for swapping back and forth a spirit set.

    Swing Timer Addon

    Before you get started leveling it is of VITAL important that you download and setup a Swing Timer Addon.

    What is a Swing Timer?

    A Swing Timer is an addon that measures the time between your weapon swings. It is useful to know this information so you can use abilities and move freely without clipping into your natural auto attack cycle and losing damage. It is extremely important to have this addon as we will be using a technique called “Earthbind Kiting” all the way to 60.
    While the bar is loading to full it means you can move freely - you are not wasting any damage. As it starts to fill back up this signals that your auto attack cooldown has almost reset and you should position yourself to swing again.

    Earthbind Kiting

    From level 6 onwards (when you get Earthbind Totem Rank 1) you can start Earthbind Kiting, using Earthbind Totem to Slow Enemies by 50% (= R3 Hamstring Warriors obtain at 54) weaving in and out of their hit box to mitigate damage. If a Mob has 2.0 Attack Speed and you have a Weapon with 3.8 = 47.4% Damage Reduction!
    Mobs out in the open world generally have higher movement speed and higher attack speed than you. If you were to stand still and trade hits with a mob back and forth you may end up trading 1 of your Auto attacks for 2+ of theirs. If executed properly, proper Earthbind Kiting allows you to trade 1 hit for 1 hit with a target, drastically reducing your damage taken while not reducing your damage at all since you are monitoring your natural auto attacks with the swing timer.

    Earthbind Kiting step by step breakdown:

    (1) Place down Earthbind Totem, Searing Totem, then Flame Shock the Target.
    (2) Melee the mob then strafe through it out of range of its hitbox while your auto attack is resetting.
    (3) As your Swing Timer is resetting position yourself to reenter the mobs hitbox and swing again.
    (4) Reapply Flame Shock / Lightning Shield if efficient to do so.

    Side Strafing through the target is preferable to walking directly through them as exposing your back to an enemy will make. you susceptible to getting dazed.

    Start Attack Macros

    Why are Start Attack Macros Important?
    Start Attack Macros are important so you don’t have to manually right click mobs to attack them. You bake them into your abilities as a macro so even if you don’t have enough mana to use an ability such as “Stormstrike” you will still attack the target.
    The issue is /startattack commands don’t work in Classic so you have to set them up in a weird way using a script.
    Place your Auto Attack on Inventory Slot ID 24 which should be the right most slot on your hidden action bar #2 (The one you accidentally shift into). Then plug the ability you want into the example macro to the right.
    Example Start Attack Macro:

    /cast Stormstrike
    /script if not IsCurrentAction(24) then UseAction(24) end;

    Combat Efficiency

    Slow 2H Weapon + Rockbiter = Most Efficient
    Advantages: Damage Reduction Through Earthbind Kiting (3.6 speed vs 2.4 mob = 33% Reduction, 3.8 vs 2.0 = 47.4%) Easier Earthbind Kiting, More Value out of Stormstrike, Better with Windfury in PvP, Better with Parry. Weapon Progression. Spend Less Gold on Water.
    Lvl 40+ Elemental = Second Most Efficient Overall
    Advantages: Highest ST kill speed however you can’t mitigate damage through Earthbind Kiting therefore I feel it’s not as efficient overall. Even factoring in drinking time this is still more efficient than any melee build 40+ that facetanks damage.
    Fast 1H + Shield + Windfury = Third Most Efficient Overall
    Advantages: Can use different Earth Totem instead of Earthbind, Best Damage Reduction if you have to Face Tank, Less APM Intensive, Can Tank Group Content more easily if you have more up to date 1H / Shield.

    Ghost Wolf vs 60% Mount

    Values Courtesy of Mobia

    Solve for t: 1.4(t-1) = 1.6(t-3)
    When does it become more efficient to ride your 60% mount to your next objective versus using Ghost Wolf?
    If you plan to ride for 14 seconds or longer upon finishing your 3 second mount cast time.
    Therefore, if your next point of travel is 17 seconds or less away you should use Ghost Wolf to get there instead.

    Shaman Specific Tips

    Drop your Totems in a way that you can get value from them against multiple mobs. Replacing Totems for every single mob you kill will slow you down.

    Totems Drop in the same Location every time by Type in a square around you. Memorizing where they drop will allow you to squeeze extra value out of their range (Rogues Magma Totem)

    Lightning Shield is your most efficient DPM (Damage Per Mana) spell and its usage should be prioritized when spending mana in bursts.

    If you are going to be in a small area for an extended period of time put down Grace of Air.

    Mobs that you’ve recently hit with spells have a slightly longer leash range allowing you to pull single mobs away from a pack.

    Use Rank 1 Spells for Effect. Use Earth Shock for Interrupts and Frost Shock for its on demand slow. R1 Magma

    Fish for Clearcasting Procs with Rank 1 Lightning Bolt.

    Out of your Totem Class Quests the most frustrating is the Water Totem quest so consider skipping for a few levels.

    Start building a Healing / Spirit Set Early. Keep pieces with high Intellect or Spirit that you can use when Healing or when out of combat to reduce downtime allocated to regeneration.

    For max burst you can place a Fire Nova Totem then time your spells so it pops when mob is in range.

    Shaman Tanking

    “Your mitigation will never be as good as a warrior. Your threat can be better. Your utility can be better”.
    -Totem Tank
    If you are interested in tanking do yourself a favor and check out this guide by Totem Tank or this guide by Melderon.
    Generally try to out level the Dungeons you are attempting to Tank.
    When tanking You WILL be underestimated. Brince extra Consumables with you and go the extra 9 yards to prove yourself.
    Use Stoneskin / Agi Totems as they will help you further with mitigation.
    Earth Shock has a 2x threat component to it (100 damage = 200 threat) and it is the closest thing you have to an on-demand Taunt. Use it when threat is stripped from you or to redirect mobs attacking your group.
    R1 Earth Shock = Interrupt, R5 = Sunder Armor , Rank 7 = Taunt

    Life 1-10

    Levels 1-10 are pretty efficient for a Shaman as you have higher than average ST damage, can attack from range, have self healing, and an early interrupt.
    Buy A Staff at Vendor ASAP.
    General flow of combat should be something like: Front load 1-2 casted spells into a Shock then proceed to melee the mob to death factoring mana regeneration per the 5 second rule into your efficiency equation.
    As you level try to feel out your power level vs your enemy’s power and try to find a find a harmonious balance between spending and regenerating resources so that you can sustain combat without having to drink / eat.
    Train all Skills.
    Resist re-applying Lightning Shield everytime it falls off as doing so will stop Spirit Based Mana Regeneration per the 5 second rule. The general rule of thumb is to line up its re-application with other spells to spend resources in bursts.

    Life 10-30

    Integrate Searing Totem into your setup with Earthbind. Consider Foregoing Lightning bolt as the Mana intensity of your rotation will begin to ramp up.
    If Flame Shock is running out, time its re-application with other spells like Lightning Shield to spend mana in bursts.
    Escape using Earthbind or Frost Shock then going into Ghost Wolf form and running away.
    Remember to to purchase Ankhs for your Reincarnation spell.

    Life 30-40

    If you are using a 1H weapon buff WF.
    If you have a Slow 2H Weapon use Rockbiter as it scales better.

    Talent Builds:

    Build #1: 2H Stormstrike Enhance Ele

    This build is what I personally believe is the fastest way to 60. If you have the time, energy, and resolve to push for the fastest possible 1-60 time than this is the build I recommend. You will be using Rockbiter on a Slow 2H weapon while kiting mobs with Earthbind Totem.
    1-20 Talents: Respec at 20 to Enhancement (Next Slide)
    Early Enhance Talents do provide that much for you. The Shield Spec will be a non factor since you will be using 2H and 5/5 for 5% Mana is underwhelming.
    Start in Elemental Tree:
    5/5 Convection -> 3/3 Call of Flame -> 2/2 Earth’s Grasp -> 1/1 Elemental Focus

    Build #2: 2H Stormstrike Enhance Ele

    Respec To Enhancement at Level 20:
    5/5 Shield Spec -> 5/5 Thundering Strikes -> 1/2 Improved Ghost Wolf
    Proceed through Enhancement Tree as follows:
    2/2 Improved Ghost Wolf -> 1/1 2H Axes and Maces -> 2/5 Anticipation -> 5/5 Flurry -> 1/1 Parry -> 3/3 Elemental Weapons -> 3/5 Anticipation -> 5/5 Weapon Mastery -> 1/1 Stormstrike
    Proceed into Elemental Tree as follows:
    5/5 Convection -> 3/3 Call of Flame -> 2/2 Earth’s Grasp -> 1/1 Elemental Focus -> 4/5 Reverberation -> 3/3 Elemental Devastation -> 5/5 Reverberation -> 1/5 Elemental Warding

    Build #3: Elemental Resto 40+

    Respeccing to Elemental at level 40 the continuing through Resto is the second fastest way to level. The downside of having more downtime through drinking is made up for by the high ST kill speed.
    Respect Elemental at 40:
    5/5 Convection -> 2/5 Concussion -> 3/3 Call of Flame -> 1/1 Elemental Focus -> 4/5 Call of Thunder -> 3/3 Eye of The Storm -> 5/5 Call of Thunder -> 3/5 Concussion -> 1/1 Elemental Fury -> 2/2 Storm Reach -> 5/5 Concussion -> 5/5 Lightning Mastery -> 1/1 Elemental Mastery
    Proceed into Restoration Tree:
    5/5 Tidal Focus -> 5/5 Totemic Focus -> 1/1 Totemic Mastery -> 3/3 Nature’s Guidance -> 1/2 Imp Reincarnation -> 5/5 Tidal Mastery

    Build #4: 1H + Shield WF Enhance Resto

    This build is for people who enjoy the 1H + Shield style of gameplay, who aren’t interested in Earthbind Kiting, and who would like to be more well positioned for group content while leveling whether that be Tanking, Healing, or DPS. This build option is the third fastest.

    Start in Enhancement Tree:
    5/5 Shield Spec -> 2/2 Guardian Totems -> 3/5 Thundering Strikes -> 2/2 Improved Ghost Wolf -> 5/5 Thundering Strikes -> 1/5 Anticipation -> 5/5 Flurry -> 1/1 Parry -> 3/3 Elemental Weapons -> 2/5 Anticipation -> 5/5 Weapon Mastery
    Start in Restoration Tree:
    5/5 Tidal Focus -> 5/5 Totemic Focus -> 1/1 Totemic Mastery -> 3/3 Nature’s Guidance
    Proceed back into Enhancement Tree:
    5/5 Anticipation -> 3/3 Imp. Lightning Shield

    Leveling Stat Priority

    Agility > Strength > Stamina > Intellect > Spirit
    While stacking Strength at first glance might seem better than Agility, at low levels the AP gained from stats doesn’t translate very well into faster kill speed. The AP power curve is linear requiring substantial amounts of AP to go from let’s say: 12 hits to kill a mob to 11 hits. At least by stacking crit you can sometimes get lucky and get occasional high tempo burst damage. Agility also improves your Avoidance through Dodge.
    14 AP = 7 Strength = 1 DPS

    Stamina’s effect on a Shaman:
    Increases Hit Points by 10 per 1 point of Stamina.
    Strength’s effect on a Shaman:
    Increases Attack Power by 2 per 1 point of Strength.
    Agility’s effect on a Shaman:
    Increases Shaman’s Ranged Attack Power by 1 per point of Agility. 20 Agility is equal to 1% Crit and 1% Dodge.

    Intellect: Increases Mana by 15 Points per 1 point of Intellect.
    Spirit: Increases Out of Combat Health / Mana Regen Rate.
    Note:* It is a good idea on any class to keep a few pieces or even a Spirit Set in your bags and to swap with Outfitter between pulls.

    2H Weapon Progression

    Primitive Walking Stick - 2.5 DPS - Lvl 2 - Quest Reward “Vile Familiars” Durotar
    Walking Stick - 4.2 DPS - Lvl 3 - White Weapon Sold by Starting Area Vendors.
    Quarter Staff - 9.4 DPS - Lvl 11 - City Weapon Vendors.
    Cauldron Stirrer - 10.2 DPS - Lvl 11 - Quest Reward “Apothecary Zamah” Crossroads in The Barrens
    Wind Rider Staff - 13.0 DPS - Lvl 14 - Quest Reward “Cry of the Thunderhawk” Camp Taurajo Barrens.
    Samophlange Screwdriver - 12.6 - Lvl 15 - Quest Reward “Samophlange Manual” Barrens
    Polished Walking Staff - 16.0 DPS - Lvl 20 - Quest Reward “Torek’s Assault” Ashenvale.
    Arced War Axe - 17.6 DPS - Lvl 21 - Drops from Commander Springvale Shadowfang Keep.
    Demolition Hammer - 17.6 DPS - Lvl 17 - Quest Reward from “Weapons of Choice” The Barrens.
    Crescent Staff - 20.3 DPS - Lvl 14 - Quest Reward from “Leaders of the Fang” Wailing Caverns.
    Living Root - 21.2 DPS - Lvl 20 - 40% Drop off Verdan the Everliving in Wailing Caverns.
    Bullova - 22.4 DPS - Lvl 30 - White Weapon sold by Vendors in capital cities.
    Rod of the Sleepwalker - 23.8 DPS - Lvl 24 - 60% Drop off Twilight Lord Kelris in Blackfathom Deeps.
    Corpsemaker - 28.9 DPS - Lvl 29 - 40% Drop off Overlord Ramtusk Razorfen Kraul.
    Silver Spade - 31.1 DPS - Lvl 31 - Quest Reward “Venture Company Mining” Stranglethorn Vale
    Skullsplitter - 30.2 DPS - Lvl 33 - Quest Reward “Call to Arms” Arathi Highlands.
    Tok’kar’s Murloc Chopper - 32.5 DPS - Lvl 40 - Quest Reward “Threat from the Sea” Swamp of Sorrows.
    Nimboya’s Mystical Staff - 35.7 DPS - Lvl 41 - Quest Reward “Saving Yenniku” Stranglethorn Vale.
    Ravager - 37.3 DPS - Lvl 37 - 25% Drop off Herod in Scarlet Monastery.
    Mograine’s Might - 38.9 DPS - Lvl 39 - 20% Drop off Scarlet Commander Mograine in Scarlet Monastery.
    Will of the Mountain Giant - 39.5 DPS - Lvl 46 - Quest Reward “Weapons of Spirit” Feralas.
    Executioner’s Cleaver - 41.8 DPS - Lvl 43 - BoE Rare Drop (1% Hit).
    Beastslayer - 42.6 DPS - Lvl 50 - Quest Reward “The Mighty U’cha” Ungoro Crater.
    Limb Cleaver - 42.7 DPS - Lvl 50 - Quest Reward “Lost Thunderbrew Recipe” Blackrock Depths.
    Diabolic Skiver - 42.8 DPS - Lvl 44 - 25% Drop off Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz Zul Farrak.
    The Chief’s Enforcer - 43.5 DPS - Lvl 45 - 20% Drop off Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Zul Farrak.
    Headspike - 44.2 DPS - Lvl 46 - 20% Drop off Atal’alarion Sunken Temple.
    Gatorbite Axe - 45.8 DPS - Lvl 48 - 20% Drop off Rotgrip in Maraudon.
    Resurgence Rod - 45.8 DPS - Lvl 45 - Dungeon Quest Reward “Corruption of Earth and Seed” Maraudon.
    Princess Theradras’ Scepter - 46.5 DPS - Lvl 49 - 26% Drop off Princess Theradras Maraudon.
    Sarah’s Guide - 47.2 DPS - Lvl 56 - Quest Reward “The Corpulent One” Eastern Plaguelands.
    Angerforge’s Battle Axe - 48.1 DPS - Lvl 51 - 20% Drop off General Angerforge Blackrock Depths.
    Force of Magma - 48.1 DPS - Lvl 51 - 20% Drop off Bael’Gar Blackrock Depths.
    Corrupted Blackwood Staff - 48.2 DPS - Lvl 58 - Quest Reward “Into the Maw of Madness” Silithus.
    The Nicker - 49.8 DPS - Lvl 53 - 60% Drop off Rare Spawn in Dire Maul Spirestone Battle Lord.
    Dreadforge Retaliator - 50.5 DPS - Lvl 54 - 20% Drop off Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Blackrock Depths.
    Doomulus Prime - 55.7 DPS - Lvl 58 - Quest Reward “The Perfect Poison” Silithus.

    Dagger Progression

    Stiletto - 3.3 DPS - Lvl 3 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Jagged Dagger - 6.0 DPS - Lvl 8 - Quest Reward “Skull Rock” Durotar
    Compact Fighting Knife - 6.0 DPS - Lvl 6 - Quest Reward “Supervisor Fizsprocket” Mulgore
    Blade of Cunning - 6.8 DPS - Lvl 10 - Rogue Lvl 10 Class Quest
    Jambiya - 7.1 DPS - Lvl 11 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Poniard - 8.5 DPS - Lvl 14 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Chanting Blade - 9.0 DPS - Lvl 13 - 20% Drop off Jergosh the Invoker in Ragefire Chasm
    Kris of Orgrimmar - 9.0 DPS - Lvl 13 - Quest Reward “Hidden Enemies” Orgrimmar.
    Serrated Knife - 9.1 DPS - Lvl 14 - Quest Reward “Wand to Bethor” Silverpine Forest
    Harpy Skinner - 9.6 DPS - Lvl 14 - Quest Reward “Serena Bloodfeather” The Barrens
    Kris - 10.9 DPS - Lvl 19 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Tail Spike - 11.1 DPS Lvl 17 - 50% Drop off Skum in Wailing Caverns
    Main Gauche - 16.6 DPS - Lvl 29 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Bite of Serra’kis - 17.7 DPS - Lvl 23 - 30% Drop Old Serra’kis in Blackfathom Deeps
    Meteor Shard - 18.3 DPS - Lvl 24 - 20% Drop off Archmage Arugal in Shadowfang Keep
    Toxic Revenger - 20.5 DPS - Lvl 27 - 33% Chance off Viscous Fallout in Gnomeregan
    Torturing Poker- 21.1 DPS - Lvl 29 - 10% Drop off Interrogator Vishas in Scarlet Monastery
    Swinetusk Shank - 23.0 DPS - Lvl 33 - 40% Drop off Agathelos the Raging in Razorfen Kraul
    Silent Hunter - 23.1 DPS - Lvl 33 - Quest Reward “Call to Arms” Arathi Highlands
    Rondel - 24.1 DPS - Lvl 39 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff
    Tok’Kar’s Murloc Shanker - 25.0 DPS - Lvl 40 - Quest Reward “Threat from the Sea” Swamp of Sorrows
    Fiendish Skiv - 26.6 DPS - Lvl 40 - Quest Reward “Challenge Overlord Mok’Morokk” Dustwallow Marsh
    Gahz’rilla Fang - 28.1 DPS - Lvl 42 - 50% Drop off Gahz’Rilla in Zul Farrak
    Coldrage Dagger - 29.7 DPS - Lvl 39 - 20% Drop off Amnennar the Coldbringer in Razorfen Downs
    Satyr’s Lash - 33.2 DPS - Lvl 45 - 33% Chance Drop off Lord Vyletongue in Maraudon
    Hunt Tracker Blade - 33.7 DPS - Lvl 55 - Quest Reward “The Remains of Trey Lightforge” Felwood
    Blade of Eternal Darkness - 34.4 DPS - Lvl 49 - 4% Drop off Princess Theradras Maraudon
    Beasthunter Dagger - 35.6 DPS - Lvl 53 - Quest Reward “Shy-Rotam” Winterspring
    Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Dagger- 35.7 DPS - Lvl 55 - Quest Reward “Azsharite Weaponry” STV
    Lifeforce Dirks - 35.9 DPS - Lvl 44 - Dungeon Quest Reward “The God Hakkar” Sunken Temple
    Barman Shanker - 36.5 - Lvl 50 - Soloable*** 8% Drop off Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths
    Dire Nail - 36.7 DPS - Lvl 51 - 28% Drop off Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple
    Keris of Zul’Serak - 39.4 DPS - Lvl 55 -20% Drop off War Master Voone Blackrock Spire
    Distracting Dagger - 40.8 DPS - Lvl 57 - 19% Drop off Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul

    1H Axe Progression

    Barreling Reaper - 16.6 DPS - Lvl 26 - Quest Reward “Defeat Nek’rosh” in Wetlands
    Crescent Axe - 17.1 DPS - Lvl 30 - White Weapon sold by Vendors in Major Cities.
    Guerilla Cleaver - 17.7 DPS - Lvl 30 - Quest Reward from “Bad Medicine” Stranglethorn Vale
    Pronged Reaver - 24.0 DPS - Lvl 31 - 20% Drop off Charlga Razorflank in Razorfen Kraul
    Glutton’s Cleaver - 23.0 DPS - Lvl 36 - 50% Drop off Glutton in Razorfen Downs
    Ripsaw - 33.3 DPS - Lvl 45 - 20% Drop off Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul Farrak
    Eater of the Dead - 32.0 DPS - Lvl 49 - 33% Drop off Ogom The Wretched in Sunken Temple
    Grizzle’s Skinner - 36.5 DPS - Lvl 50 - 35% Drop off Grizzle in Blackrock Depths
    Ornate Thorium Handaxe - 32.6 DPS - Lvl 50 - BoP Crafted by Blacksmith
    Tooth of Eranikus - 37.1 DPS - Lvl 51 - 28% Drop off Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple
    Soulbreaker - 37.5 DPS - Lvl 52 - 20% Drop off The Unforgiven in Stratholme
    Well Balanced Axe - 36.3 DPS - Lvl 56 - 25% Drop off Illyana Ravenoak in Dire Maul
    Bone Slicing Hatchet - 40.6 DPS - Lvl 57 - 20% Drop off Maleki the Palid in Stratholme

    1H Mace Progression

    Skullbreaker - 18.8 DPS - Lvl 28 - Dungeon Quest Reward “An Unholy Alliance” Razerfen Downs
    Truncheon - 16.6 DPS - Lvl 29 - White Weapon Sold by Vendors in Major Cities.
    Black Water Hammer - 22.2 DPS - Lvl 35 - Quest Reward “Deep Sea Salvage” Arathi Highlands
    Hand of Righteousness - 29.8 DPS - Lvl 39 - 20% Drop off High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery
    Galgann’s Firehammer - 27.5 DPS - Lvl 41 - 20% Drop off Galgan Firehammer in Uldaman
    Furlbolg Medicine Totem - 31.0 DPS - Lvl 47 - Rep Reward sold by Gorn One Eye in Winterspring
    The Hand of Antu’Sul - 32.2 DPS - Lvl 43 - 20% Drop off Antu’sul in Zul Farrak
    Beastsmasher - 32.9 DPS - Lvl 50 - Quest Reward from “The Might U’cha” Un’goro Crater
    Grave Scepter - 32.2 DPS - Lvl 51 - Quest Reward from “Return to Tinkee” Winterspring
    Might of Hakkar - 35.8 DPS - Lvl 49 - 28% Drop off Avatar of Hakkar in Sunken Temple
    Serenity - 37.5 DPS - Lvl 52 - BoE Rare Crafted by Blacksmiths

    Shield Progression (32-60)

    Captain Rackmore’s Wheel - 678 Armor - Lvl 32 - Quest Reward “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure” Desolace
    Energized Stone Circle - 678 Armor - Lvl 33 - Dungeon Quest Reward “Power Stones” Uldaman
    Heart of Agamaggan - 776 Armor - Lvl 31 - 40% Drop off Charlga Razorflank in Razorfen Kraul
    Thermaplugg’s Central Core - 795 Armor - Lvl 32 - 30% Drop off Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan
    Studded Ring Shield - 771 Armor - Lvl 32 - Quest Reward “Gizelton Caravan” in Desolace
    Pit Fighter’s Shield - 1148 Armor - Lvl 39 - Quest Reward “Trol’kalar” Arathi Highlands
    Olaf’s All Purpose Shield - 1287 Armor - Lvl 37 - 50% Drop off Olaf in Uldaman
    Aegis of the Scarlet Commander - 1548 Armor - Lvl 39 - 40% off Scarlet Commander Mograine - SM Cath
    Optomatic Deflector - 1578 Armor - Lvl 43 - Quest Reward “Rescure OOX-17/TN!” Tanaris
    Stoneshell Guard - 1903 Armor - Lvl 47 - 25% Drop off Lord Roccor in Blackrock Depths
    Shizzle’s Drizzle Blocker - 1691 Armor - Lvl 49 - Quest Reward “Shizzle’s Flyer” Un’goro Crater
    Rock Golem Bulwark - 1994 Armor - Lvl 53 - 25% Drop off Panzor the Invincible in Blackrock Depths
    Crest of Retribution - 2057 Armor - Lvl 55 - 15% Drop off Ramstein the Gorger in Stratholme
    Petrified Bark Shield - 1861 Armor - Lvl 56 - 25% Drop off Tendris Warpwood in Dire Maul

    Closing Thoughts

    Thank you so much for your time - I hope this guide was of some help!
    If you have further questions you can contact me in our community discord:

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    I am an entrepreneur, U.S. Army soldier, and lifelong gamer from NYC and currently living in San Francisco. I stream and make video content on YouTube primarily for WoW Classic. I hope to continue to build my channel and this project and to become a positive influence in the Classic WoW community. I hope that more people can enjoy the same life changing experience I had when I stepped into Azeroth for the first time at age 13.

  • Hunter Shaman Warrior Horde

    First of all, thank you for serving. Secondly, this is the most well thought out and comprehensive guide I have ever read. Props to you, and thanks for all the valuable info. I have plans to refer back to this a lot and I am glad you put the time into making it

  • Shaman Horde

    I have been trying the earth bind kiting, I can see how it could really help but, I am going to have to get use to it before I can really benefit from it.

  • Initiate

    most comprehensive guide? yes, it may as well be 🙂 Though I for one followed there a more simplified version, which actually was easier to pick up for me.
    Either way, great guide here!

  • Initiate

    Your 2H Progression section:
    [Samophlange Screwdriver] is a sword.
    [Diabolic Skiver] and [Headspike] are polearms.

    As for addons you're thinking of listing; a good place to see what's to likely work with classic is https://willitclassic.com/. ABar and Samuel's Swing Timer have updates listed there.