How did you find your main class?

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    Whilst on an acid trip...
    No, actually, as I aged I felt more at home with the Shaman class. I used to personify with the Warrior and Mage classes but now the Shaman class speaks to me. Also, there's so much awesome math that can be done with them!

  • Mage Alliance

    A long time ago, on a table across town...

    I played a mage in my AD&D group for several years. So, it was just a natural choice for my main in WoW. I have played every class over the years, but always have a love for the magic arts.

  • Initiate

    When I First started playing in Vanilla I was an undead frost mage, because I wanted to be a lich and frost looked the coolest. It was awesome. Now I'm a shaman, for the lightning and the totems. Also I just like to run through the Barrens at night in ghost wolf form.

  • Warlock Rogue

    First time round it was due to my love of projectile weapons, animals and the TV show Sharpe (my hunters name), so Hunter it was but my friend played Druid and during the beta we used to level together and he'd pretend to be my pet, and we'd shock and awe PvP victims who knew no better than it being two players.

    I levelled up a hunter and druid because of that beta fun to play with other friends as he'd disappeared without trace but Druid just ultimately seemed the most fun being able to do a bit of everything and if played right could change the way a fight was going for the better, and ultimately the king of world PvP escape.

  • Shaman Horde

    I when I started play my friends guild said they need a healer so I went to the wow forums read about the shaman and fell in love with the class . Then being the noob that I was leveled from 10 as a resto shaman did every dungeon in the game and was hooked.

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    For me it was a coin flip between paladin and mage as they seemed closest to the Diablo 2 classes I enjoyed most (paladin and sorceress). I decided on mage and made her female just like the sorceress and styled her in my then girlfriends image. RIP that relationship..

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    In vanilla I asked my college buddies, who I was joining the game, with what class did they need to make a party or guild. They said warrior/tank. So I became a warrior. And not knowing better at the time leveled a Protection Warrior to 60.

    When Classic comes out it will be a Druid. Over the years I felt more of a connection to a Druid. I love the outdoors, used to go camping all the time when I was younger. I love animals, I work at a dog boarding kennel. And finally I thought the idea of turning into a giant cat and pouncing on people very amusing, I may be a bit of a troll.

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    Wow, so many shaman. I thought they may be one of the least played.....who knew😋.
    Shaman was my first, and it will be my last

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    I was gifted a 40% mount at level 20.

  • Shaman

    I was playing a mage at 70 and was farming the spellfire set. I asked a guild if I could join them for Magtheridon's Lair. They looked at my gear and passed on me. It was pretty late in the expansion and I had fairly bad gear. They asked If I knew any shamans though. I told them I had a level 70 Shaman but they wouldn't want him because he had worse gear than my mage.

    They absolutley did not care. All they wanted was a windfury totem for their melee group. And so I became a Shaman stat stick. Something about Shaman's was always awesome to me but everyone had been telling me that Mages were "more viable." I was happy to become a Shaman main and I haven't regretted it ever.

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    Hi Jhaman, shaman are indeed loved by everyone, as long as they are not the person playing it lol. Why buy the cow, if you can get the milk for free.
    I am resto all the way, it may take me a year to hit 60, but that's fine by me.

    Enjoy the power of the elements

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