<RETURN> |EU-TBD-CEST- [A] {PVE: As often as we'd like + PVP} (Hardcore)

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    Please watch this video as it gives you an impression of our raid environment but also the long journey we've had together as a community.

    Youtube Video

    About Return:

    Return was created back in 2013 on Feenix (The biggest private server at the time) and have gone through several different iterations as we've survived a multitude of different servers and projects. With a very effective raiding schedule we've completed all PvE content within two weeks of the release of the servers we've played on. Aswell as running two inhouse raid teams to maximize loot also completing all the current content. Now we have a strong core that needs tending and preparation for whats ahead. We're now out on the market looking for potential elite players ready to embark on the new epic journey that is ahead of us.

    But first...

    • If you cannot atleast raid 4 days a week during progress, do not apply.
    • If you constantly need to go AFK during raids, do not apply.
    • If you do not want to min-max/theorycraft on your char, do not apply.
    • If you cannot dedicate an "extreme" amount of time on release and for ranking, do not apply.
    • If you cannot keep up two active raid characters, do not apply.

    If you would like to compete for WORLD FIRST and SERVER FIRST records of Classic WoW, we're the guild for you. If this sounds interesting you can read more on our discord server.

    Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Leadership if you have any questions or would be interested in joining our project; alternatively you can follow the application process advised on our Discord.


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