Episode Two: A Near End (Backstory Series)

  • Episode Two: A Near End

    Thunder rang overhead and rain poured heavily as Irion conducted his patrol throughout the dark cloudy night. Most of the light came from the occasional lightning searing across the sky, and the occasionally placed wall torch. When the rain originally began Irion tried his hardest to avoid puddles as well as avoid the overhead rain as much as possible by running from cover to cover, but to his dismay there was no avoiding getting wet, so wet that at this point he was well beyond caring anymore and walked through ankle-deep puddles shamelessly throughout his beat. Embracing the suck, as they would say in his platoon. "At least it's not that cold." Irion thought to himself.

    It was still fairly early in his shift and it had been all quiet, likely because even the criminals didn’t want to be out in this rain he thought. Irion felt rather good with the slow night and even enjoyed the rain once he got past the shyness of getting wet. He removed his helmet to allow the rain to fully coat his head. Irion had been charged with the patrol of a portion of the mages quarter lately and decided to check near the Wizards Sanctum, an area he was familiar with due to his brief time spent studying magic a few years prior.

    The Wizard Sanctum stood very tall, with a winding set of stairs going around it all the way to the top. It was very much a staple of the Mage District. Upon Irion’s arrival, to his surprise, there was someone outside of the tower sheltered from the storm under a foyer with his head in a book, typical of mages. “You’re up awful late aren’t ya?” Irion asked loudly, half speaking over the rain and half announcing himself as to not startle the individual as he approached. The apparent mage looked up and removed the hood from his head revealing a middle-aged man with a receding hairline. His robes were near pristine, blue laden in red. “I don’t get much sleep these days.” the man chuckled. “Symptom of aging I suppose. I trust your night has been safe good guard?”. “It has, minus whatever I catch from this weather.” Irion replied jokingly. “Ha, well I am sure that a mere cold couldn’t stop a young lad such as yourself.” The mage replied. “Ehh, I might be able to squeeze a day of quarters out of it if I am lucky.” Irion joked as both men laughed. “Well, I suppose I am pushing my luck out here despite how pleasant the rain may be.” the mage replied while standing up. “I will leave this weather to you good sir, and retreat back inside. Perhaps I'll even get some sleep.” “Be well.” Irion replied as he continued along his beat. A brief but lovely discussion with someone, something that was becoming more and more rare as public opinion of guards crumbled as of lately.

    As Irion traveled through the park and other grassy areas that weaved through the mages district he heard a loud bang of wood striking wood behind a few buildings. Then a succession of strikes, each one louder than the last. This area was somewhat of a storefront, so it seemed clear to Irion that this was likely an attempted break-in. Apparently, there were some determined criminals out tonight despite the weather after all. Irion quickly made his way to an open area a couple blocks away from where he heard the noise and lit his torch, signaling some distant guards on their patrol to make haste to him. After a brief explanation, Irion and 2 other guards quietly made their way back to the location of the banging only to no longer hear it. The rain had yet to let up and covered the sound of their footsteps very well. They crept through an alleyway adjacent where the noise was last heard into the open area in the rear of the buildings. However, no one was there. There was no sign of forced entry into the rear of any of these buildings, no damage, no weapons or tools laying around, nothing. Irion endured a brief teasing from the other guards present before they dispersed. “Someones acting like a jumpy rookie.” one of them proclaimed while they both laughed. “Yea yea, get outta my beat.” Irion chuckled annoyedly. Irion took one last look around, puzzled.

    After the other guards went back to their beats Irion continued his. “The longer part of the night is over, its downhill from here.” he told himself. The night was still dark and rain still berating him without signs of letting up. The sky was cloudy, blocking most of the direct light of the moon, creating an unsettling atmosphere. Irion checked a few of the business doors nearby, ensuring they were locked properly. Then without warning, Irion heard the banging sound again. Just as before it was wood on wood, in another nearby storefront alleyway. Irion lit his torch and jammed it between some crates as to be visible to anyone peering down that stretch of walkway. This time Irion immediately began creeping towards the sound, peering around a corner into an alleyway. The sound was louder and clearly coming from the rear of the buildings again, yet no one appeared to be in the alleyway itself. Slowly, Irion made his way towards the sound when he noticed out of the corner of his eye the outline of a person laid in ambush behind a stack of crates.

    Irion made for his weapon but it was too late as he was tackled from behind to the ground. The impact itself was enough to knock the wind out of him, but he reached deep inside and fought fiercely attempting to get to his feet but was overwhelmed by what must have been four or more men. Before he could call out for help his helmet was stripped from him and his mouth covered with a hand. Irion knew he couldn’t allow them to restrain him. Irion struggled violently, biting the hand and refusing to allow them complete control over an arm or a leg. He grabbed at their heels, their arms, their eyes….anything he could get his hands on. He took his fair share of punches and knees in the process but fear gripped his heart to the point that the only thing that mattered was breaking free or dying before they could restrain him and take him somewhere where no one could hear his screams. One of the men held a blade to his neck demanding he stop struggling. He was a young guy around Irion's age with long dark hair and a cleft lip. “You want me to skewer your throat? Then I suggest you hold still.” Irion paused momentarily but decided that blade was going to likely be used against him anyway…might as well be now. As soon as the blade was removed from his neck he sprang forward and headbutted its wielder. “Gah!” The man reeled back, blood pouring from his nose and then thrust the dagger into the stomach of Irion. Irions’ armor was well made but was not able to stop a direct stab from a small sturdy dagger.

    Lars, stop!” One of the men protested. “We weren’t supposed to kill him!”. Irion fell backward, feeling his strength leave him and was now flat on his back as the men stood around him, face blooded with one eye swollen shut and blood leaking from his stomach. The beating had momentarily ceased as the men argued. Irion had never taken a blade before and felt himself starting to fade as he looked upwards. “Who cares, he is scum.” Lars rasped. “We need to get out of here.” one of the men stated while already briskly walking away. Irions’ vision was blurred and was unable to make out much detail of his attackers, save for Lars. “Cowards!” Lars growled. “I’ll finish this myself!”. Lars then leaned down looking Irion in the face. “You deserve this, you are scum and you are powerless.” Irion went to grab the man but had very little strength in his grip. Lars laughed as he took the dagger and stuck him again with it in the same wound causing immense pain that of which Irion had never felt. Irion spit blood into the mans face in what little retaliation he could muster as the sound around him started to dull, and everything went dark.

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