What do you guys think, do you need to buy BFA to get Classic?

  • Priest Horde

    I stopped buying expansions after Cata, do I need to buy BFA to get Classic?
    And when I do buy BFA, do I also get Panda, Draenor and Legion?

  • Alliance

    My guess is almost certainly not. Right now you can sub to retail wow without buying BFA and you'll get all the content up to Legion. My guess is it'll be similar for classic... All you need to throw down is that first $15. Anyone have any notes to the contrary?

  • Mage Alliance

    They would be smart (but this is activision) to not charge for the game & just get subscriptions for it. Blizzard has been losing subs for quite a while now, it is bad, so they really need to increase their numbers. Apart from a kick ass new expansion (still this is activision) Classic is their best hope for increasing their profits.

  • Druid Alliance

    I guess I just presumed that you'd have to buy the expansion but it's a good point that there's a lot of "free" content for just the sub. You only don't get the newest stuff.

  • Druid Alliance Initiate

    Classic wow is the same game that a lot of us already buy It, so they wont be selling a game that I already have. We will just have to pay the sub.

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