EU | Gnome Warlock | looking for another warlock | Semi Hardcore

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    Will be going semi hard core and taking time off work to push some fast levels. Will be willing to put in the time and also want to do practise runs to try and get ahead of the pack.

    I’m from the UK so clear English speaking required.

    I’m not a know it all about vanilla but I like to do my research and theory craft a lot, so I am doing a lot of solo test runs at the moment to try and trying to increase my 1-10 levelling speed.

    I am also looking for someone to test the duo levelling experience with as well on private servers, so if anyone is interested in that, hit me up!


  • GL in your search man! /salute

  • Warlock Rogue

    Indeed, best of luck dude. Really hoping we can all find a nice UK community soon enough.

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    @kargoz thanks man! All the best to you as well. Your one of the main reasons I am so hyped for classic! Keep up with the amazing content 👌🏼

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    @MagicMungo thanks man! Me too, if you ever wana hit up some in game stuff let me know. I am up for learning as much as I can when it comes to vanilla 👌🏼

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