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    I know this site is more oriented toward end game and optimization but I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I never rolled a Priest in WoW, but plan on doing it in Classic. For what I heard, Priest is a lot about efficient healing from down ranking healing spells so I was wondering if there is some specific spells and ranks that are known for being efficient in relation to mana consumption (healing per mana)?
    Also, if you guys have any tips for the healing aspect of Priest, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Hi there I am in the same situation as you, although I NEVER played WOW before. I just started 2 weeks ago on kronosIII. I always had friends that are wow heads fanatics, and I tried several times the retail version and didn't liked it at all.
    But recently one good friend told me about the vanilla and the upcoming release of wow classic, mostly because I ran out of games to play, since all the shit out there now is fucking pay to win, I played TERA for long years but they managed to screw the fucking game for good, pay you win dont pay and you need the day to have 48h to catch up the with the paid content, so I just deleted my account. When he explained that vanilla is like the grail of MMO I had to try, and honestly I like it so far I like it alot, it's annoying sometimes being lost in the middle of the world not knowing where the heck to go.

    Now I rolled a priest 1st ever char in WOW. undead priest right now it's level 21. So I did RC and WC.
    In RC it's an easy dungeon mate it really is, but I ran into alot of troubles with managing the mana... I mean really really struggled... The sole reason is because I dont know how much they heal, so basically wasted loads of mana over healing... I mean as soon as the tank took damage and drop to 85% cast heal... melees get hit below 75% cast heal.. that screwed my mana pool alot.

    Then after loads of research I came across LUNA frames. and the healing prediction tool, after playing with the settings and all that shit to make it look the way I wanted, here's time for WC with the luna thingy on.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Boyyyyyyy when you can visually see how much HP your heal will give then you will see how many bad casts you are doing how many mana you are wasting, and with time you will train your brain to know your limits and you will risk allowing the tank to get a couple more hits because you can be casting and canceling the cast until you are cool to actually cast in order to fill the tank HP nearly to 100% with one cast, so in that time you mp5 is kicking in and refilling your mana pool. 1st run WC party was warrior 19, archer 18, warlock 19 druid 18 and priest me 20, no one died, tank did great job with amazing pulling no risks taken, but main thing I had no troubles at any point with aggroing neither with mana managment. cause you can be off cast for a couple more seconds before you actually heal, cause you know exactly how much you will heal so if you see any over healing let the tank get one/two more hits then cast. those seconds are 100/200 more mana to your pool that means it will basically cover the cost of that heal... and in overall your mana bar will never be below 25%... I hardly touched the -25%...

    Try it and see if it helps
    For the HORDE.

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    @The-Cartesian While leveling, you will have very little bonus healing or none at all. The way the game is designed, HpME or Heal per Mana Efficiency increases with spell rank. In other words, your most recently trained spell rank will be the most efficient. However, the higher the rank, the higher the mana cost of the spell. That being said, It would be prudent to know how much each rank heals your tank for and wait until he loses that much or so HP before casting it. In this way, you will be the most mana efficient. I know this seems counter-intuitive and may even scare your tank but he/she will get used to it during the Dungeon. Now, with large increases in spell power, the HpME relationships can drastically change as the percent difference spell power provides is much larger the lower the rank of the heal. But that is another topic for another day.

    It seems like you are focusing on leveling in your question. In that case, try to use the highest rank unless you need to use a faster heal for an emergency situation. For the vast majority of heals, the slower it is, the more mana efficient it is. So, always use slow heals unless you need to quickly top someone off. I realize your question was aimed at Priests but this goes for all healers and almost all heals.

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