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    Started by a bunch of irl friends (and already at 30 members) with top tier experience through all expansions. (including world 8th kill TOTC), Seven Sins is here for all the nostalgic nerds out there that wanna play Classic and cannot do so the normal raiding hours.

    General info

    • We want to make a semi-hardcore PVE guild that will raid 2 times per week(3 on progress) and rest nights run dungeons,world PVP and all the good classic stuff.

    • If you dont wanna go hard on launch and just wanna chill out but night is your time of the day you can play you can still join the guild as a social and play with more people at night!

    Raiding info

    • We aim to clear all content available at the highest pace as we can for a late night guild.

    • We wanna give everyone a fair chance so if you wanna be Role officers or Raid leader the challenge is here and we will make you feel at home.

    • We will have application forms as we get closer to the launch and we have a good amount of people.

    • We plan to raid around 23.30 (CEST/CET) probably Wed/Thu(+Sunday on progress). Exact hour and days will be discussed later on.

    • We will probably use Loot Council but DKP is still in discussion.

    • Raiders should have 100% attendance especially when we raid 2 days only and be ready with consumables, enchanted gear etc.

    • We will be a fun late night community but on raid times we expect everyone to be serious and focused so we are done with raids in 2 days max and have some world fun the rest of the days.

    • People should be able to take criticism and have full knowledge of their class.

    So if you looking for late night raiding,late night pvp or just to chat with someone late night Seven Sins is the guild you looking for.

    For more info add me on Discord KingMavros#2601
    or join https://discord.gg/3wj8duk

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