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    Greetings, Paladins and Warlocks! Melderon here. This guide will assist you in getting both your level 40 and level 60 class mounts.

    Paladins and Warlocks are pretty lucky in this Shaman's eyes, considering you'll get your level 40 mounts for free! That's right, not a single copper piece is required to acquire your first mount. However, things get significantly harder, and more expensive, for your level 60 mount!


    Below is a video that goes over everything I will be covering in this written guide. So, if you prefer watching the guide instead of reading, click below!

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    Also, if you would like to view the PowerPoint slides for this guide, you can access them here!

    Paladin Warhorse Mount

    At level 40, you will seek out one of the following Paladin trainers:

    Brandur Ironhammer – Mystic Ward, Ironforge (23,6)
    Arthur the Faithful – Stormwind Cathedral (39,33)

    And accept the "Tome of Nobility". This will task you with seeking out Duthorian Rall in Stormwind at 40,30. Next, all you have to do is turn in the quest, pick up the next quest part of the Tome of Nobility and, that's it! You now have your Summon Warhorse spell and Apprentice Riding (75)

    Paladin Charger Mount

    This is going to be a bit more challenging! You'll to invest both time and money to get this awesome mount. Let's first go over what you'll actually need to complete the quest chain.

    What you'll need

    • 350 Gold
      • This is raw Gold that will be required to buy specific items from quest givers
    • 5 Stratholme Holy Water
      • These can be obtained from the Supply Crates within the Dungeon of Stratholme and are soulbound on pickup
    • 10 Arthas' Tears
      • This herb can be picked in various high level zones
      • Can also be purchased on the auction house (A.H.) for ~3-4 Silver per herb
    • 40 Runecloth
      • Drops from non-beast mobs levels 50-61+
      • Can be purchased on the A.H. for ~1.5-2 Gold per stack of 20
    • 6 Arcanite Bars
      • Made by transmuting 1 Thorium Bar + 1 Arcane Crystal (Alchemy)
      • Can be transmuted by an Alchemist or purchased from AH (~20-30 Gold per bar)
    • 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits
      • Purchased from Argent Dawn Quartermasters
      • Requires Friendly Reputation (60 Silver per stack of 5)
    • 1 Azerothian Diamond
      • Mined from High level mining veins
      • Can be purchased from AH (~1-3 Gold per diamond)
    • 1 Pristine Black Diamond
      • Low chance to drop from high level elite mobs in dungeons or out in the world
      • Can be purchased from AH (~30-50 Gold per diamond)

    Your expected total expenditure, if you buy all of these items from the auction house, on average, is about 550 Gold. This amount can fluctuate depending on realm population size and content phase. But, remember, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you are putting out because of your professions, time spent grinding materials, or via connections you have through your friends list or guild.


    1.) Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker

    The first step is to seek out Duthorian Rall, the Paladin class quest superstar, in the Stormwind Cathedral at 40,30. You'll accept the quest "Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker" from him which tasks you with speaking with Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the hall directly behind Duthorian at 37,33. Speak to Lord Grayson and accept the quest, "Emphasis on Sacrifice"

    2.) The Exorcism Censer

    "Emphasis on Sacrifice" will require you to seek out High Priest Rohan who is located in the Hall of Mysteries in Ironforge at 23,7. You'll have to cough up 150 Gold to get the Exorcism Censer which is needed for the next quest. Make sure to accept the quest, "To Show Due Judgement" from Rohan and, with the Censer in hand, head back to Lord Grayson in Stormwind.

    3.) The Exorcism of Terrordale

    Turn in "To Show Due Judgement" to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker and accept the quest, "Exorcising Terrordale". This will task you with bringing the Exorcism Censer to Terrordale which is located Southwest of Stratholme in the Eastern Plaguelands. I recommend bringing a friend for this because this quest, although soloable, will be greatly expedited with a second player. First, clear the area of spiders and boars before beginning. You should notice small green swirl zones on the ground around Terrordale. Walk into these areas and click the Exorcism Censer in your inventory to spawn Terrordale Spirits. Rinse and repeat this process to kill a total of 25 of these spirits and then return to Lord Grayson in Stormwind to turn in the quest.

    4.) The Arcanite Barding

    Accept the quest, "The Work of Grimand Elmore" from Lord Grayson. Then, head over to the Dwarven District in Stormwind (52,12) and speak with Grimand Elmore. Accept the quest, "Collection of Goods" and turn in all of the following:

    After turning these items in, you'll receive the Arcanite Barding from Grimand. Also, make sure to grab the quest, "Grimand's Finest Work" before heading back to Lord Grayson in the Stormwind Cathedral.

    5.) Manna-Enriched Horse Feed

    Accept the quest, "Ancient Equine Spirit" from Lord Grayson which tasks you to go into Dire Maul. However, there's one more item you'll need before heading out. To get this item, head to Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills and speak with Merideth Carlson at 53,56. She will provide you feed for the Ancient Equine Spirit. However, it is not free. She requests 50 Gold and 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits. These biscuits can be purchased from the Argent Dawn Quartermasters with Friendly reputation status. If you do not have Friendly reputation, you can have someone buy them for you and trade them as they are not soulbound. Accept the quest, "Manna-Enriched Horse Feed," turn in the cash and the biscuits, and receive the Manna-Enriched Horse Feed. Now you can head into Dire Maul.

    6.) The Ancient Equine Spirit

    You will have to complete this part of the quest in Dire Maul West. That means you will either need the Crescent Key or key service from a Rogue, Blacksmith, or Engineer to get in. If you want to get the Crescent Key and don't know how to get it, I suggest watching my Dungeon Key Guide. When you enter Dire Maul West, make sure to kill ALL of the treants you see in the courtyard area before engaging with the treant boss, Tendris Warpwood at 27,78. If you do not kill them, they will attack you and your party when you engage Tendris, likely resulting in a wipe. Tendris is essentially a tank and spank. After defeating Tendris, the Ancient Equine Spirit will appear, allowing you to turn in the quest "Ancient Equine Spirit" by giving it the barding and the feed. Receive the Blessed Arcanite Barding and accept the quest, "Blessing Arcanite Barding," from the spirit and return to Lord Grayson in Stormwind.

    7.) The Divination Scryer

    Upon reaching Lord Grayson is Stormwind and turning in "Blessed Arcanite Barding," you will receive the quest, "The Divination Scryer." This tasks you wish turning in 1 X Pristine Black Diamond and 1 X Azerothian Diamond, so make sure you have these on you. After turning these items in, pick up the quest "Judgement and Redemption" from Lord Grayson. After accepting, you will notice a satchel in your inventory containing the Divination Scryer and the Blessed Arcanite Barding.

    8.) Head to Scholomance

    After receiving your items, get a group together and head to Scholomance. Unless you have key service, you will need the Skeleton Key. If you don't know how to get it, make sure to check out my guide. An optimal group composition will include a Priest as Shackle and Dispel Magic will be welcome during this encounter. A Mage will also be a great additional for food and water as will another Paladin as you will need to use the Judgement ability to better survive this encounter. It also may be a good idea to bring some Greater Shadow Protection Potions for the Death Knight Darkreaver you will be facing! Clear you way into Rattlegore's Room and kill everyone within, including Rattlegore. To the right of the room's entrance is a pile of bones that you and your party should stack near so you can recover between waves of ghosts.

    9.) Get your Mount!

    When your party is ready, have a Paladin head to the center of the room and click on the Divination Scryer in their inventory to start the encounter. There are a total of 4 waves that will occur, each with a miniboss at the end. The ghosts of each wave will be susceptible to a certain Paladin Seal as they will be AOE stunned and damaged when Judging with the following Seals:

    Wave 1: Banal Spirits - Judge with Seal of Wisdom
    Wave 2: Malicious Spirits - Judge with Seal of Justice
    Wave 3: Corrupted Spirits - Judge with Seal of Righteousness
    Wave 4: Shadowed Spirits - Judge with Seal of Light

    After the final miniboss is destroyed (wave 4), the Death Knight Darkreaver will spawn. He has a few abilities that you will have to deal with including Mind Control, which can be dispelled by your Priest, but he is generally pretty easy to take down.

    After defeating him, the Darkreaver's Fallen Charger will appear. Loot the Charger's Lost Soul and cleanse it in your inventory to create the Charger's Redeemed Soul. Then, speak to the Darkreaver's Fallen Charger and turn in the Charger's Redeemed Soul and the Blessed Arcanite Barding to receive Summon Charger and Journeyman Riding! Congratulations! You did it!

    Warlock Felsteed Mount

    At level 40, you will seek out one of the following Warlock trainers:

    Zevrost – Cleft of Shadows, Orgrimmar (49,45)
    Kaal Soulreaper – Magic Quarter, Undercity (86,16)

    Demisette Cloyce – The Slaughtered Lamb, Stormwind (25,78)
    Briarthorn – Forlorn Cavern, Ironforge (50,6)

    And accept the "Summon Felsteed". This will task you with seeking out Strahad Farsan in the Barrens, near Ratchet at 63,36. Next, all you have to do is turn in the quest, pick up the next quest part of Summon Felsteed and, that's it! You now have your Summon Felsteed spell and Apprentice Riding (75)

    Warlock Dreadstead Mount

    What you'll need

    • 412 Gold
      • This is raw Gold that will be required to buy specific items from quest givers
      • Also includes the price of 2 X Shadowy Potions
    • 10 Elixir of Shadow Power
      • These can be obtained from the A.H. or from Alchemy/Alchemists
      • Cost on the AH is ~2-3 Gold each
    • 6 Large Brilliant Shards
      • Obtained from disenchanting blue items (level 51+) or a chance from level 51+ green items
      • Can also be purchased on the A.H. for ~2-3 Gold each
    • 25 Dark Iron Ore
      • Mined from Dark Iron Deposits (Molten Core, Blackrock Depths, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes)
      • Can be purchased on the A.H. for ~40-80 Silver each
    • 35 Black Dragonscale
      • Skinned from Elite Black Dragonkin (levels 51+)
      • Can be purchased from AH (~80 Silver - 1 Gold each)
    • 3 Arcanite Bars
      • Made by transmuting 1 Thorium Bar + 1 Arcane Crystal (Alchemy)
      • Can be transmuted by an Alchemist or purchased from AH (~20-30 Gold per bar)

    Your expected total expenditure, if you buy all of these items from the auction house, on average, is about 550 Gold. This amount can fluctuate depending on realm population size and content phase. But, remember, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you are putting out because of your professions, time spent grinding materials, or via connections you have through your friends list or guild.


    1.) Seek out Mor'zul Bloodbringer

    The first step of the epic quest chain will have you seek out the mysterious Mor'zul Bloodbringer. You will pick up the quest "Mor'zul Bloodbringer" from one of two NPCs depending on your faction. If you are Horde you will get the quest from either Kurgul in the Cleft of Shadows in Orgrimmar at 48,47 or from Greshka in Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows at 49,55. If you are Alliance you can pick up the quest from either Spackle Thornberry in the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind at 26,78 or from Jubahl Corpseseeker in the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge at 53,6. After receiving the quest, head to extreme Northwestern Burning Steppes and find Mor'zul Bloodbringer at the Alter of Storms at 13,32, turn in the quest and pick up "Rage of Blood" which will task you to head to Winterspring.

    2.) Gather some Blood

    Mor'zul Bloodbringer tasks you with gathering 30 Raging Beast's Blood from owlbeasts/moonkin in Winterspring. These can drop off of many of the moonkin in Winterspring including Ragged Owlbeasts, Raging Owlbeasts, Crazed Owlbeasts, Moontouched Owlbeasts, and Berzerk Owlbeasts at about a 30-40% drop rate across the board. Once you have your 30 bloods, head back to Mor'zul and turn in the quest. He will give you a Case of Blood that will need to be brought to Gorzeeki Wildeyes located directly behind him at the Alter of Storms.

    3.) Turn-in Materials

    You will accept 3 quests from Mor'zul Bloodbringer after turning in the Case of Blood to Gorzeeki Wildeyes: "Bell of Dethmoora," "Wheel of the Black March," and "Doomsday Candle." Each of these quests will have you turn in the items that you should have acquired before starting the quest chain to Gorzeeki Wildeyes. Turn in 10 X Elixir of Shadow Power for the Bell of Dethmoora, 6 X Large Brilliant Shards and 25 X Dark Iron Ore for Wheel of the Black March, and 35 Black Dragonscale for Doomsday Candle. After turning all 3 quests in, a fourth quest, "Arcanite" will become available from Gorzeeki Wildeyes. Accept it and turn in the 3 X Arcanite Bars to complete the quest.

    4.) Seek out Lord Banehollow

    After accepting the quest "Lord Banehollow" from Gorzeeki Wildeyes, make sure to have 150 raw Gold on you and pick up at least 2 X Shadowy Potions from him at 6 Gold a piece before heading to Felwood. I would perhaps pick up 3 or 4 just in case you make a mistake. Also, if you have someone helping you, pick up potions for them as well. The Gold is needed as you must buy something within the Shadow Hold in Felwood to continue the quest chain. The Shadowy Potions will disguise you as a cultist and, therefore, allow you to speak with Lord Banehollow and his minions in the Shadow Hold. Make your way to Felwood and the entrance to the Shadow Hold at 35,59. Consume your potion and head inside. You will not be attacked by any NPCs as long as the potion's buff persists. However, there are slimes in the middle of the Hold that WILL attack you regardless. Try to navigate away from them or if you must kill them, drink another potion before proceeding on as any damage will remove your disguise. Make your way to the end of the complex and speak to Lord Banehollow (36,44) to turn in the quest "Lord Banehollow" and pick up the quest "Ulathek the Traitor."

    5.) Kill Ulathek

    Walk back through the Shadow Hold until you reach the area around 41,48 where Ulathek is located. Speaking with him will cause him to see through your disguise and attack you. He is accompanied by a bodyguard but if you are not careful, you can also pull the NPCs outside his room. Because of this, try to speak to him when you are at the farthest from the room's entrance. Once he is dead, loot The Traitor's Heart from his corpse and immediately drink another Shadowy Potion. Make sure there are no DOTs on you though as damage will remove the effect! Return to Lord Banehollow and turn in "Ulathek the Traitor." Pick up the quest "Xorothian Stardust" from him as well. This will task you with buying the Xorothian Stardust from Ur'dan, located directly to Banehollow's right for 150 Gold. Take this item back to Gorzeeki Wildeyes in the Burning Steppes to complete this quest and pick up "Imp Delivery."

    6.) Release the Imp

    After accepting "Imp Delivery" you will receive the item, Imp in a Jar. Get a group of 5 together and head into Scholomance! If you do not have the Skeleton Key and cannot open the door another way, check out my Dungeon Key Guide. Clear Rattlegore's Room (14,47) and loot the Viewing Room Key from his corpse. Head to the Laboratory (27,66) and kill any trash that is close to the alchemy lab table on the right side of the room. You do not have to kill Ras Frostwhisper to complete this quest. Once the coast is clear, release the imp from the jar and allow him to finish his experiment. Once he is done, you will be notified that the quest in complete. Return to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes to turn in the quest.

    7.) Head to Dire Maul

    Next, accept the quest "Dreadstead of Xoroth" from Mor'zul Bloodbringer and receive Mor'zul Instructions. These instructions will explain how to use the various items that the imp will place around the event area. However, all you really need to know is that they need to continue working so you do not fail the event. Before heading to Dire Maul, you must purchase 3 items from Gorzeeki: J'eevee's Jar (150 Gold), Xorothian Glyphs (50 Gold), and Black Lodestone (50 Gold).


    The purchased items J'eevee's Jar, Xorothian Glyphs, and Black Lodestone can be reused so if you can find a warlock who has already gotten their epic mount, they may be able to summon the boss for you. Have them join your party for the next step and you can save on these costs. If you choose to purchase these items you can sell your services to other warlocks in the same way, by summoning the boss yourself.

    Now that you have these items, get into a party of five and head to Dire Maul West. You will need the Crescent Key to access the Dungeon. If you do not have key service and do not know how to get it, check out my Key Guide. In order to access the last boss of the dungeon, Immol'thar, you will have to deactivate 5 pillars located throughout the Dungeon by killing the Mana Remnants around them:

    1st Pillar: 42,66 - Courtyard
    2nd Pillar: 36,60 - above Tendris Warpwood
    3rd Pillar: 36,71 - also above Tendris Warpwood
    4th Pillar: 28,74 - Inner Sanctum
    5th Pillar: 22,63 - Inner Sanctum

    After the all pillars are deactivated, the force field surrounding Immol'thar will dissipate. Let Immol'thar kill the Night Elves attacking him before engaging and then defeat him.

    8.) Get your Mount!

    Once Immol'thar is defeated, restore health and mana and get ready for the final encounter which will occur on the raised circular dais that Immol'thar was standing on. When ready, click J'eevee's Jar to release J'eevee. Upon his release, J'eevee will place the 3 artifacts you paid for (the Bell of Dethmoora, the Wheel of the Black March, and the Doomsday Candle) around the circular platform. Each of these items provides a benefit to you and your party by either reducing damage, inflicting damage, or restoring your resources. During the fight, these artifacts will randomly "power down" - which is accompanied by a noise. You, as the Warlock, must click on them and fix them using the Black Lodestone. If all three artifacts stop working, you will fail the event. However, each "fix" will require one Soul Shard, so make sure you have 10-15 just to be safe. When J'eevee sets up all three artifacts, waves of non-elite Imps and elite Felguards will start to spawn. This will occur for approximately 5 minutes as 9 runes appear around the raised platform. Have your tank pick up the adds and assist the DPS take them down while keeping your head on a swivel, fixing artifacts as they power down.

    After 5 minutes elapses and the 9 runes spawn, the waves of adds will stop. Make sure to regenerate resources before heading to the center of the platform and clicking on the Xorothian Glyphs. This will cause the Xorothain Dreadsteed and its master, Lord Hel'Nurath, to spawn. Focus on one and bring them down before moving to the other. When the Xorothain Dreadsteed is defeated, you can turn in "Dreadsteed of Xoroth" to the Dreadsteed Spirit that spawns and receive both your Summon Dreadsteed spell and Journeyman Riding. Congratulations! Enjoy this truly epic mount!

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    I don't think Apprentice/Journeyman Riding skills are in Classic.

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    For most of the history of WoW Classic, throughout 2004 and 2005, we had the older mount system. It just felt more authentic to that game, to use the older one instead of one that just laid the groundwork for another expansion."

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    @Empereol You may be right. However, the values are there (i.e. 75 and 150) At least on Pservers