Is there a good all-purpose priest spec?

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    I was wondering if there was a Shadow spec that was great for PvP but had enough into another spec like holy or disc that you were still viable in raids as a healer since Shadow is not taken much in raids due 2 mana issues. I noticed that Druids kind of had almost 'all-purpose" specs and I know that these all around specs might never be the best at either but I figured it's better than nothing because I want to raid but I also want to play Shadow and it seems like those two things don't go hand in hand in Classic unless you're the lucky sole Shadow Priest in a raid of 40.

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    This is something @Defcamp could definitely help with!

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    You are already answering your own question a bit. Pre 60 Shadow is something you can always enjoy and still heal dungeons.
    In Raids, you have a chance of being the only shadow priest, but even then keep in mind that shadow priest are only ever gonna be REALY sought after around Naxx.
    That said, know that there will be much more people/Guilds that want to have a Shadow Priest then back in 2004/5/6 because we know so much more then than.

    Also know that in the beginning when guilds are being formed and guild are struggling to get a good team to effectively have a good part of the raids on farm. Healers and (main)tanks are much more sought after. You really should ask yourself the question what would I do if I was this guilds leader?

    At the end all is possible, but a bit of luck and some perseverance is probably needed. Also keep in mind that Shadow has always rocked big time in PVP, if time is not on your side consider becoming a BG God and join starting Premades. You will def be lvl 10/11 with ease and every starting/mid lvl Premade wants a good shadowpriest.

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