Basic Stats Sheet

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    These values and formulas are inherent to the core of the game. This will help you as a quick reference guide or to understand what stats do for you depending on what class you are.

    All values are base values. Some races or classes with talents modify different stats. These modifiers will multiply by the base amount to give the total value of the stat.



    10 health per Stamina


    2 Armor per Agility.

    See the table below for other effects by class.


    See the table below for effects by class.


    15 mana per Intellect.
    Increases +weapon skill up speed.

    See the table below for other effects by class.

    • Paladin Spell Crit is believed to be this, however it is still unknown.


    See the table below for effects by class.

    Attack Power

    14 AP = 1 DPS


    X = (0.1 * Armor) / (8.5 * Attacker_Lvl + 40)
    Mitigation = X / (1 + X)

    Armor Cap

    Armor Cap.png

    Druids in Bear Form gain armor differently than other classes. Their base armor gets multiplied by a modifier that gives you a total armor value much higher than the base from the items. This is why they value items with inherent armor. The rule is though that only armor with white text benefits from the addition. Armor from Agility, enchants, buffs, or potions do not provide a multiplier benefit.


    Resistance cap is 315 for 75% spell damage reduction against a level 63 mob.



    At 440 total Defense, level 63 mobs can no longer crit you. This is referred to as "def cap" and while the cap applies to the crit portion of Defense, all of the other aspects continue to increase beyond 440.

    Weapon Skill

    Weapon Skill.png

    Glancing Blows

    Glancing Blows are the largest component that is looked at when choosing gear with +Weapon Skill. Mobs that have higher defense than your character will cause you to hit with glancing blows depending on the difference on defense. For a level 63 mob, 40% of all white hits will be glancing blows and this percent is not able to be adjusted by the player in any way. Yellow hits are never affected by glancing blows. With 300 weapon skill against a level 63 mob, glancing blows reduces damage from 100% to 70%.

    For every point increase in Weapon Skill, the damage reduction is lessened by 3%.

    Glancing Skill.png

    310 Weapon Skill is the cap for glancing blow damage reduction. Increasing Weapon Skill will still increase the hit percent increases as listed above.

    Melee Crit

    Crits are worth 2x base damage value after armor reduction. Warriors have the talent Impale that allows them to boost crits up to 2.2x base damage.

    Spell Crit

    Spell Crits are worth 1.5x base damage value after resistance effects. Some classes and talents allow you to boost the crits up to 2.0x base damage.

    Melee Hit Cap

    Level 60 Hit Cap

    60 Hit Cap.png

    Level 63 Hit Cap

    63 Hit Cap.png

    Spell Hit Cap

    Spell Hit Cap.png

    Separate from what is listed above, spells have an inherent 1% resist chance that can never be mitigated.

    Class and Race Level 60 Base Stats

    The stats listed below are true base stats. The stats are before any modifiers like racial percent increases or gains from Stamina or Intellect for Health or Mana. This will make it easier for you to be able to calculate out character gains with less confusion if you choose to make a spreadsheet for yourself.



















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    I played vanilla WoW since beta and from early on have enjoyed discovering and writing useful things about the game. In addition to being a founder of, I am in charge of the druid and theorycrafting discord channels.

  • Initiate

    Lets talk about Spell Crit and Int. I was looking into some things recently, and I noticed several discrepancies.

    From the infamous 59.5 int/crit post. We get often overlooked followup that says:
    "For Mages at level 60:
    48 Int: 1% crit"
    1-(48/59.5) = 0.19328% Crit

    "286 Int: 5% crit"
    5-(286/59.5) = 0.19328% Crit

    Following the blue post, we can extrapolate backwards, to determine the mage has the equivalent of 12 int base crit.
    (12/59.5) = 0.20168% Crit.

    Now I am not sure which is the exact value due to the way WoW handles non-integers, but this aligns with my expectation of base spell crit that was less than 1%.

    We can do this for druids as well, since Tseric gave us:
    Druid (192) (60.0)

    Which then gives 5-(192/60) = 1.8% Base Crit

    Now I have it on good authority that Paladin Base Spell Crit is 3.3355%.
    If we do (5-3.3355)*29.5 we get 49.1 expected Int, which is obviously false because a 60 level paladin will have at least 69 int. Another source lists 54 int/crit so (5-3.3355)*54 = 89.88. Somewhat believable. Now I cannot recall the exact rate for various reasons, but I know that it was both a) better than other classes, and b) the difference was significant.

    My current theory is that it was 63.5 int/crit, and we are all just remembering wrong. This false memory would be explained by the paladin's high spell crit value from the base. A 60 paladin with 120 int would read as 23 int/crit. The 63.5 number is odd. It comes from several places, and one of them is in my foggy memory. This 63.5 gives us the 106 expected mana figure that has been tossed around.

    There is a somewhat known data set of a test that remains. I took the values and adjusted for what I know is the base crit chance, and the results do in fact line up with a 63.5 figure. This is a picture of both sets plotted., and This is how the 3.3355% base aligns with expected error curves..

    I am unable to find any data that suggests a sub-40 int/crit ratio that also factors in the known >3% base crit chance paladins have.

  • Druid Alliance

    So there was a post that I think eyenox wrote that mentioned directly every caster classes' spell crit number except for paladin. I've seen testing examples for both around 60 and around 30 so it's hard to know what is right. This is one of those really frustrating parts of the game where it would seem so easy to know what it is but they just made it a black box.

  • Druid Alliance

    No it was Tseric too. I think there were two posts and you are linking the first one. Here's the info from looking at the wiki history that shows the values for the classes (except pally of course).

  • Initiate

    The numbers for mages are slightly wrong. Gnome mages don't have 133 int. They have 128(+6 from racial), or 134 int at level 60.

    Human mages also don't have 126 spirit, they have 120(+6) spirit from their racial. Although in this case the values are correct if you consider the racial impact, the chart leads you to believe the values are before the racials are counted in.

    The other values appear to match.

    These small stat differences between races are carried on from level 1. Gnomes have 3 more base int and 1 less stamina at level 1... etc... and that small difference exists both at level 1 and level 60. All races receive equal amounts of attributes per level up.