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    Hey All, it is really awesome to have this website and to see the classic wow community still strong.
    Anyone know of a guide that takes you through zone by zone rather than focusing on level? Looking at Joana's guide there is a lvl 12+ option for Undead to quest through Silverpine Forest rather than The Barrens. I almost wish there was an option after Silverpine to go through Hillsbrad. Wouldn't be the fastest, but it would be a "choose your own adventure" leveling guide.
    I am not trying to speed level but I do like using guides to keep my path through the game efficient. If there is already a guide out there that takes on zones I could piece them together based on where I want to be.
    This would also be a way to create backup plans if one area is overcrowded.

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    You know I really like your approach on a guide like this! Where you and I probably differ is being efficient with your time.. to a certain degree. I'm more of a completionist so in this second iteration of Vanilla I'm going to spend all of my time blissfully lost in each zone trying to complete all the quests, even if I've outleveled some of them. But it would be problematic to enter into zones right at the minimum level and not have enough quests to complete after the first wave or so.

    My best advice would be too look up each zones mobs and their level and each zones minimum level requirement... That's easier said than done but I feel like that would accomplish your approach in Classic. I might possibly make a few guide videos for each zone labeling the minimum level requirements for quests and what not, that seems like it'd be a really helpful resource and allow people to play the game however they wanted instead of strictly following one guide.

    I really liked this idea! Just a tip.. it's hard to find the minimum level requirements for quests on database websites and even some of the private servers have the minimum level requirement for quests different than others (thats what I've discovered in my experience). So your best bet would to have access to some server you can run around and change your level and mark the minimum level requirements for quests or try and do as much research as possible through or something. Hope this helps!

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    @JPKaos I love the idea of this, no such guides come to mind right now but it can be a feature of this site using the Atlas, and once the database is up, and some tools are on the way such as grind-finders, dps and experience calculators, it would make it easier for people to create these guides by quickly being able to use these tools together. Until then, what @Graysfordays suggested is the way it was done back in the day

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