<Lok'tar Ogar> [NA-PvP] [Horde] - {PvE + PvP} (Semi-Hardcore)

  • Lok'tar Ogar - Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore EST NA PVP - Stalagg

    Tuesday/Wed / Saturday Sunday 8:30-11:45 PM EST

    Hello everyone! I am Ryan aka Draka/Lovings the GM and MT of <Lok'tar Ogar>. I will continue playing an Orc warrior as I have done from Vanilla-Wotlk. I peaked in Wotlk as a server first Fury Warrior and guild officer. Unhappy with the direction of retail and the warrior class I unsubbed.
    Here we are today after almost a decade later. Awaiting the relaunch of classic wow, and I couldn't be more excited!

    This was a freshly formed gaming community of people that have no prior relationship. We have become a tight knit guild. You will not have to worry about a veteran guild core that will be biased towards new members and loot. This guild will create lasting friendships and accomplishments that will follow us until the end of the server life. The loot system is very transparent and publicly documented.

    Raiding -- Suicide Kings / Loot Council

    Raid Group 1 will start Raiding one month after launch.

    Raid Group 1 --Suicide Kings / Loot Council

    Tuesday/Wed 8:30 PM - 11:45 PM EST

    This will be our progression raid comp with only our Mains BiS + consumables. Players are required to maintain an attendance of 80% (Every 5 weeks you can miss 1 raid group. Min 2 hr notice) * world buffs will take place as a group and are required.

    After every raid people will have the option to stay in raid groups for World PVP as a full raid, Premade PVP or World PvE. Every 60mins Raid time will be a 5 min break.

    Raid Group 2 --/ Loot Council / Suicide Kings

    Sat/Sun -- 8:30 PM - 11:45 PM EST

    This will be our secondary raid comp, It will have a mix of its own core and alts from raid 1. This raid will be at a slightly more relaxed pace and focused on enjoying the game. 60% raid attendance. World buffs and consumables are not required but encouraged. Raid 2 members can substitute for missing or potentially under performing raid 1 members to keep both raids competitive.

    Friends and Family / Casual members.

    The more the Merrier~! We still require an interview and age of 21+ We hope you will participate in our community driven events such as meme competitions, realm draffles and pve progression guessing pools +more…
    Friends and family / casual members we expect you to be the eyes and ears of the guild, help protect and group of with the community and farm materials for a planned economy monopolization. Especially auction house entrepreneurs. Creating more gold for the guild, participating in PvP and other games on and off WoW.

    Our Guilds Goals
    To be an active and known guild on our server to both Horde and Alliance. We strive to be role models to other members of the Horde and our community members; while maintaining ruthlessness and dominance over the Alliance. Being potential contenders for Server First AQ20/40 and Naxx! Scarab Lord involvment. We will Experience and progress all content. It goes without saying that we will clear all dungeons and raids, PvE world bosses, and enjoy PvP/WPvP. As Blizzard will update the game in phases, we will stay competitive and up to date with each phase.

    Have fun and make friends!
    If you're time investment with <Lok'tar Ogar> is not valued, enjoyable or you're hard work is not recognized... what is the point?
    Zero tolerance for drama and poor etiquette; will be dealt with immediatly.

    Strength in numbers.
    Through leveling and gearing we will need to help each other and have each others back: dungeons, group quests, elite quests and being ganked and camped. It is expected to come to the aid of anyone who needs it.

    Using time efficiently and effectively.
    The player base is a lot older now, most of us have commitments outside of the game. With this I hope also brings maturity and wisdom. Our guild is a team. Every member will have purpose. If you are constantly late or absent from guild events, everyone will suffer. Min/Max is not required, but encouraged. Everyone will be lent a helping hand up, but you are expected to pull your own weight and be the best teammate you can be.

    • We expect every player at some point in phases 2-3 to have an alt level 60.

    • We expect every character to have at least 1 alchemist alt character level 35+ and max alchemy for a daily transmute to fulfill a crafting priority list.

    • Commitment, Respect, Honor, Trust are core values.

    • Some Prior Experience in World of Warcraft is Required.

    • Discord + Headset and Microphone.

    • We hope you consider us as your gaming family!

    • All Roles are Currently being reviewed and accepting all applications on Discord message myself or an officer!

    Lovings#0346 https://discord.gg/yvmgdTj

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    MSG'd you. Thanks.

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    @Draka I would be real interested in being a member of the warband. The schedules and essence of gameplay and the guild sounds like it would be a great fit. Iv been a WoW player since release of vanilla, maining as paladin and hunter. Trudging through content as MC-BWL-AQ- and NAXX on both. Besides those classes iv dabbled with hitting 60 as rogue and warlock as well in vanilla. I played most expansions except MoP, just didn’t feel it and took a break. Super pumped about classic coming out and looking for a solid raid / PvP guild to wreck through content with. Any questions or concerns let me know, thanks.

  • @Ryuden Hey man thanks for showing interest in the guild! Can you add me on discord so we can have a chat?


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    I am interested in joining Lok'Tar Ogar, the raid times and philosophy of the guild line up with mine. I played and raided in vanilla through WOTLK and I am excited to come back to the game. I am still a competitive gamer and at 28 years old I know joining a full on hardcore guild is out of the question but I still want to be competitive. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • @Suupahanz Hey man thanks for showing intrest in the guild, can you add me on discord and i can answer any questions you have. We can have a chat and see if you would be the right fit for us.

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    Battletag: Sheldorisafk#1930. Playing since BC through WOD with a break to play hearthstone at a tournament level. Started back late in Legion and still play retail when classic was announced in 2017 at Blizzcon. Have been a part of 3 strong raiding guilds in such time as content was subpar by Blizzard standards for WoW but have been apart of Allmid a group of gamers that put together community esports events in the midwest. Currently I have more time on my hands to play and can't wait to play classic beyond the classic stress test. I will play mage as I always have. I am on time for raids early and stay late if necessary. I will put in the legwork to gear and get the mats we need. Consider me for your guild. Discord info is Tiredandold #7068

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    I am interested in joining, looking forward to a fresh start. I plan on playing as a resto shammy. I sent a friend request on Discord, my tag is TajMahal#6428. Though it might show up as ScooterJr since I just changed it to be the same as my wow name.

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    Hello, i would just like to comment on my experience so far within this guild. I was one of the first few who joined and had the chance to speak with the guild leader Draka. I have participated in many guilds, not only across WoW but also other MMO's like Rift, Neverwinter, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars 2. I feel like over all this time, even though i haven't lead a guild myself, i have participated as an officer in the past. And i just gotta say, this dude knows what he is doing. We have already gathered to have several meetings with one another, be it general or private. Our discord has grown significantly in such a short period of time. There is absolutely no favoritism in the guild whatsoever. Many of us right now for instance are talking about pooling together mats early into 1 or 2 people to guarantee that all our casters get the greater magic wands as early as possible.

    Everyone is extremely friendly and were all on the more mature side. I myself am 32. We have an amazing group of guys. Draka (guild leader) is a very understanding and knowledgeable guy with a drive and determination to succeed that i have not seen in others before. He is constantly taking constructive criticism and peoples thoughts on a manner of all subjects pertaining to the guild and WoW in general. Not once has he ever let an extended period of time go by without answering my questions and concerns. He uses an amazingly fair and respectful vetted system to guarantee that we have garnered a group of talented and respectful members.
    The guild has a lot of people in it that know what the hell they are doing. There are many years of WoW experience gathered here. A lot of us are on hiatus right now from WoW in prep for the re-release of classic. But i know that there are a couple members who just recently, within the last couple days created brand new characters on a newly released priv.server to freshen their memories and skills.

    I have Zero authority in the guild currently meaning i am not a class leader or officer and nobody put me up to doing this. This is of my own free will and i wouldn't take the time personally to comment like this unless i felt like you too could benefit from joining the guild. Regardless of if we ever grew to be an influential name in the WoW classic community as a guild or not, which i guarantee we will be striving to do, i know that this is where i want to be and that everyone here has my back.

    Props to you Draka, thanks.

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    @Draka ez

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    Hi all,

    I was brought to this post by a recruitment thread from Reddit. After checking out the list of recruiting guilds I narrowed down to Lok'Tar Ogar being the best fit for me.
    Draka, I have added you on Discord. You should have a pending invite from Callo.


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    Hello, I played vanilla wow back in high school all the way through frozen throne raiding some at 60 but mainly hardcore raiding during BC killing illadan a few times then clearing all the frozen throne content i became complacent at the end of frozen throne leading me not to buy the new expansion. I have raided with a mage,shaman,and rogue but I’m most likely going to roll a warrior preferably tanking.
    I tried to add u on discord but nothing came up when I entered ur name mine is

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    Nothing came up on discord. I am interested in the guild please add me. My discord is Maileman123#1563 Thanks. I will be playing Druid.

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    @Draka hey Ryan, I’m really very interested in joining. I’ll add you in discord soon, I’m currently out of town for some military training.
    A little bit about me in 23 years old, in my senior year of college from Oklahoma.(OU) I’m planning to roll a Troll Frost mage with tailoring/enchanting as my professions. I didn’t play Vanilla but I play retail and started playing in early WoTLK. The raid times line up really well with a typical weekend schedule I can expect to dedicate that time and more to raiding and progressing the guild as a team.

  • Been in here for about 6 weeks. Really solid group of peeps. Looking forward to a great time raiding and wPvP'ing

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