What do you think Blizz will tackle in the next Blue Post?

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    My thoughts are that they need to address to following at some point, before a release date:

    • Server sizes (and in that post address how they plan to implement sharding)
    • Server type allotment per region
    • Right-click reporting

    These issues, in my eyes, need to be addressed before they throw out a release date

    Your thought?

  • Mage Alliance

    Um, I don't know, maybe... RELEASE DATE!

  • Shaman Horde

    Server Setup is huge. I really want to know how they are going to be setup and how many there are going to be, but a date would be nice to.

  • Warlock Rogue

    I very much think that they need to address both server size and type per region.

    I'm more than happy for a 3000-5000 population but honestly 3500 would be the ideal mark in my opinion, as I do not like mega servers at all because it does not feel like the old days with people stacked up everywhere but with new technology it doesn't make sense to limit the size to it's original capacities either.

    The split of PvP, PvE, RP and RP-PvP is of no concern to me really, as I will only be on a single PvP realm but there will people who heavily want to play on non-PvP realms who are eager to know where they stand. The question does matter when it comes to cross-realm BG's, if implemented towards the final phase, this is where I think they need to put the real consideration in because if they do want to do a cross-realm release they need a fair balance represented amongst all battlegroups in EU for server type, language and population.

    On the topic of your final point, right click reporting is crucial but I see that being a blue post very soon anyways because that really does mess with people too much, if abused, and they need to more accurately define the conditions of how it is used and investigated when it is tested to prevent trolling or genuine harassment.

  • Partner

    Personal I think they may come out and tell us
    about the servers. Like how many there will be, server pops, and if RP servers are official.

    At least this is my hope.

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