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    Hello, everyone. Melderon Here!

    This guide will help you get your Classic WoW Dungeon keys! Why should i care about dungeon keys? Well, I'm glad you asked. Keys allow access to certain boss mechanics, shortcuts to your favorite dungeon bosses, access to entire wings of dungeons or may even be required to access the whole of a dungeon. Outside of these reasons, dungeon keys will allow you to help others get sought-after pieces of gear or even make you money by offering your key service to other parties. This is especially true for the Seal of Ascension, or the UBRS key!

    This guide will assist you in getting these items and/or keys:

    The Workshop Key for access to the side entrance of Gnomeregan

    The Scarlet Key for access to Scarlet Monastery's Armory and Cathedral

    The Crescent Key for access to Dire Maul West and North as well as the Shen'dralar Study and Library

    The Shadowforge Key for access to advanced portions of Blackrock Depths

    The Skeleton Key for access to the whole of Scholomance

    The Key to the City for access to the undead wing of Stratholme

    The Seal of Ascension for access to Upper Blackrock Spire

    And information to get other "key-like" items such as:

    The Mallet of Zul'Farrak - to summon Gahz'rilla in Zul'Farrak

    The Scepter of Celebras - to to access inner Maraudon (Green Wing) to perform "princess runs"

    The Goblin Transporter - for Horde players to access Gnomeregan

    Yeh'kinya's Scroll - to summon the Avatar of Hakker in the Sunken Temple


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