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  • Hello all!

    As all of us are, I'm extremely excited for this impending release of Classic. I've played the Warrior class hardcore for the initial Vanilla/TBC/WotlK releases in both PVE and PVP, and then casually for Cata and MoP. I've been consuming classic content and theorycrafting nonstop for a few months now and I'd love to have a partner to level with!

    I will be taking 2 weeks off work starting from the release date and would love to duo level to 60 quickly. I'll be playing most of each day of the first two weeks and can be flexible to accommodate another's schedule. My goal in making this post is to find a partner that:

    -Wants to hit 60 quickly (I'm down for going for pure speed, or taking some time in dungeons for items. I'm flexible here)
    -Would like to grind 5 mans for BiS early after 60 (and perhaps some DM jump run farming or something similar)
    -And most importantly, someone who wants to be friends! The community aspect of this game is unrivaled and it'd would be great to have a friend going into it with.

    I'm in the US central time zone, but can be flexible to east coast, or any other time zone as well. However I only speak English so that may be a limitation.

    Thanks for reading, and feel free to message me on discord (Moosh#7335)

  • Initiate

    @Moosh heya! I am currently maining a lock and a rogue with another guy and real life friends, but if my main falls through or you don't find anyone, I was planning to level a shadow priest and I would be down! I know it's not fun leveling a warrior alone haha.

  • @Scavenger

    Haha yeah the solo warrior leveling phase can be rough. I'd love to level with a spriest, so just keep me in mind if things don't work out with your buds! I know my IRL friend wants to level shaman but I fear his availability will be super limited 😞

  • Initiate

    @Moosh yeah, and Shaman is just a little too squishy, have much faster than a warrior with spirit wolf haha. Shamans felt so awkward back then. And having the ability to potentially off tank and off heal could let us get easy dungeons! Will do!

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