NA | Human Paladin | Seeking any class (Warlock preferred) | Alliance | PVP/PVE | EST | Casual/Semi-hardcore

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    I am looking to duo with another player all the way to 60. I will be playing an Alliance Human Paladin. The goal will be to hit 60 ASAP. Honestly, I don't care that much about what class I duo with but I would prefer a Warlock as it is one of the better and quickest ways to level. Also, I am looking for an Alliance guild if any are recruiting.

    A few things you should know about me, I am an active duty Marine so there will be certain times I won't be available to play due to the scheduling of the job so please bear that in mind. With that being said, I will be spending quite a bit of time playing pretty hardcore however there will be time where I'm forced to play more casually.

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    Do you have duty on the release week or could u take that week off? How many hours are you planning to invest in the first week?

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