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    Let's face it. All 3 races eligible to pick Shaman are dope. Which one will you be playing?

    Me personally I will be playing a troll shaman.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    This is an interesting topic. For me, its all about class fantasy and lore. However, to the min-maxxers out there, I think there are some clear choices.
    Troll for Resto PvE because of Berserking
    Tauren for Ele/Resto PvP because of the sweet combos you can pull of with War Stomp
    Orc for Enh PvP because of Hardiness and Blood Fury.
    Troll or Tauren for Shaman Tanking. Berserking is insane for threat generation but Endurance is always nice for extra survivability.

    But like I said, for me its Orc all the way because I love the lore, the character models, the emotes, the animations, and the way gear looks on them.

  • Initiate

    I'm picking Orc female for the character model, racials are just a bonus

  • Initiate

    I should pick Troll for resto, but the winds are at my back so I have no choice but to be a beefcake.

  • Shaman Horde

    It is a troll for me I played a troll when I started playing and I want to go back to my roots.

  • Initiate

    Still trying to decide between Orc and Tauren. Warstomp perfectly synergizes with totems, but stun resist is just so good. It's an impossible choice. 😞

  • Shaman

    My name is Jhaman! So I gotta roll Male Troll. I never get to see the 2-handed animations in retail so I'm excited to try 2-handed Enhancement while leveling.

    Not sure what I want come 60. I dont mind healing sometimes but I'd rather elemental or enhance. Definitely want to try it all.

    I originally played a Tauren Shaman because my friends told me it was the best for PvP but I eventually changed to Troll because I had to embrace my true self! ♥

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