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    How to Safely Buy Codeine Online -

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    What is Codeine?
    When people buy Codeine online they get a medication which is an opioid that is prescribed for the treatment of pain as well as the cases of cough and diarrhea. Usually, the medicine is used in the treatment of severe to moderate pain.

    It is a narcotic pain reliever as well as a cough suppressant, which is quite similar to hydrocodone and morphine. A little amount of Codeine gets converted to morphine in the body of the patient which works by changing the way their body feels and responds to pain.

    The exact mechanism regarding the action if Codeine is not yet appropriately known, however like morphine, Codeine also binds to the brain receptors which help in the transmission of the pain sensation throughout the body as well brain.

    The medicine codeine increases pain tolerance in the body, it also decreases the discomfort, although the pain is yet clearly felt by the patient. Along with reducing pain in the body, Codeine also causes depresses breathing and sedation drowsiness. It is combined with acetaminophen or aspirin to give a more effective response in pain relief.

    Uses of Codeine
    It is a medication used for pain treatment purposes. Order Codeine online works in a few types of medical applications like –

    Treat mild to moderate pain,
    Relive coughing,
    Sometimes also in diarrhea-predominant, irritable bowel syndrome (only on recommendation),
    Also used for the cancer pain (it may increase the risk of side effects) and
    It may use in some other problems at the special recommendation.

    Some Usual dosage of Codeine
    Dosage plays a significant role in any drug use. And it is essential to take a recommended dose as per your physical and mental conditions. The professionals should administrate your dosage after your body check-up.

    Adult doses for Pain
    Initial dose: 15 mg to 60 mg orally up to every 4 hours as needed
    Maximum dose: 360 mg in 24 hours

    You may take this drug for some other specific uses with the prescribed dosage as per your doctor’s recommendation.

    Strength/Dosage of Codeine
    Codeine is a generic form of medicine that is a prodrug of Morphine. It is available in several powers, given below
    15 mg
    30 mg and
    60 mg

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    Side Effects of Codeine:
    Though the medicine is very much helpful in the removal of pain and cough, some side effects can cause the problem if someone took the drug more than it is required.

    Let’s look at some of the common side effects that can occur due to inappropriate medication use or overdose of the medicine.

    The common side effects are:
    Short breath
    Allergic reactions
    Abdominal pain

    These mentioned before are some temporary side effects of Codeine. However, there are some severe side effects too that can last longer when a patient abuses Codeine. Let’s have a look at them:

    Severe issues of low blood pressure
    Life-threatening respiratory depression
    Fast or slow heartbeat
    Severe drowsiness
    Adrenal insufficiency
    Severe stomach or abdominal pain

    Therefore the use of medicine is excellent, but consuming this medicine more than needed could cause severe issues to the body. You should consult your doctor in case any common or severe side effect persists.

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