Lets talk specs : )

  • Well I'm sure we all know the basic cookie cutter specs for Druids, but just for funsies lets talk exactly what specs were going with and the reasons behind our choices. Personally, I've always enjoyed healing in PvE and PvP so I'll be going (1/16/34).

    My spec I think is pretty close to a classic flag runner build with some other talent sections that will help more in PvE like Subtlety. Additionally I picked up a few extra Ferel talents that I think will make doing stuff in the open world more enjoyable, especially leveling. Specifically sharpened claws which is great bang for your buck. Three talent points for 6% crit ... yes please.

    I plan on leveling with this spec starting by putting points in the Ferel tree and then finishing in the Resto tree. I know it will make leveling slower but for me sticking with a single spec from beginning to end really enhances my immersion.

    With all that being said I am open to suggestions and advice from the many more knowledgeable Druids on this forum! 🙂

    Thanks for reading.


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    I have always liked the shapeshifting aspect of the Druid. It always seemed like a Swiss Army Knife to me. You always have an option. So the build I will do is of the mind set to help me be the best cat/bear/dire bear I can be. With an emphasis on the cat part.


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    I am looking forward to getting back to the NS/Tank spec I used to love for base defence and holding a multi-raid role. This time round it's going to be an alt though, so who knows how much i'll get to play it.

    I would love to be able to free up a point for Nature's Grasp but it just isn't possible to get every utility I'd like for PvP and as you're already sacrificing 5% mana regen for insect swarm, any more points gimps you tanking wise (HotW is only place it can come from) which isn't clever in a tank spec.

  • @MagicMungo I'm starting to think about doing some sort of HotW spec since my original post. Are you planning on tanking anything harder than dungeons? If not I think you can pull 1 point from HotW for natures grasp.

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    @Jodak Honestly, I always preferred providing utility to a raid over my own benefit but as an avid PvPer I had to take Insect Swarm for the extra dot due to the drop-off in damage from rocking a tank spec that sacrificed the traditional damage talents of a pure tank spec.

    If I don't end up hitting any of the higher raids come release, it might be worth doing that but this spec worked quite well throughout AQ40 (and up to Rank 11), I only used this build until twin emperors before I switched full heals for progression.

    Obviously, the meta has likely changed, as I never played private servers to test what works anymore and I doubt I will play beta to save myself for the big show in August.

    The likely spec which you're playing is a nice one, much slowing leveling but the uptime and clutch healing when you hit wPvP due to being in the middle of the pack makes you an utter nightmare to kill, so you'll likely to get left alone in the process till they 3v1. That was my issue first time round because feral and balance were not viable build in the wild west days of early talents.

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