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    Hey! First post here on this forum, found it via Kargoz's streams/youtube channel (you go man)!

    I was wondering if there are any people out there that will be playing from EU on US servers and vice versa? Would like to know your thoughts if it is viable for casual player with regards to timezone differences (will others be online when you play etc.) and latency.

    I'm located in Sweden and have a very good internet connection and am thinking about playing on US servers since a lot of people from the community seems so much fun to play with.

    Thanks for your input!


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    I think it is definitely feasible for a casual player. Just try and find a guild that raids/pvps at a time that is conducive for you. I will have 2 accounts come Classic. One on NA (primary) and one on EU to play with people I've met in the community casually

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    There will be plenty who do that to be fair but having played EST times from UK on Planetside 2, it is very difficult long term to keep up with a US schedule and live on EU times; i.e 7pm-11pm would be will be 2am-6am for you, if you're used to that, it might work out fine for you. I had to go to bed straight after work and wake up at 1-2am to game with them but after a few years, it got a bit much.

    Don't even consider it if they are a west coast guild that's another 2 hours on top.

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    I'd say unless you have a specific guild lined up, just stick to EU servers.
    There's good community here too! 😁

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    Tried it, but didn't really work. You are talking about 8 hours sometimes 9 or more time difference. At one point you want to raid and find out you can't commit. Ofcourse there are always players on, but I found out that you really mis a lot when you are a European on a US server.

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    Try living in Australia, the only good thing is that my job is 3 days 3 nights, and 6 days off. Which means I will be playing at 6am GMT+8, which is exactly 12 hours behind EST. So hopefully I can hook up with a US guild. Fingers crossed 🀞

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