BETA testing and wish-list

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    I've been lucky enough to get a Beta invite. That being said, I want to use my fortunate gift to better the community as much as I possibly can. In this thread, please list things you would like tested or noticed were wrong on playthroughs of the Beta on YouTube and Twitch. I will do my very best to test them and rectify them.

    Disclaimer: my time is a bit limited so I will try to get to everything but may have to triage issues in order of importance. Also, almost all of my gameplay will be on a Shaman, so other classes will be analyzed after I've done Shaman testing. Lastly, remember this is a Beta, not a PTR. I can't spawn adds, items, turn on God-Mode and all that jazz. Along those lines, the level cap is 30 - limiting what I can test.

    Anyway, write away!

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    Can you record some values for melee and spell damage on a bunch of mobs that we can use to compare to Mangos data and calculate armor and resistances?

    A sizeable data sample of hits with full gear and then with the same gear minus a chunk of STR/AP. Ideally for each mob you decide, if you can record:

    Your class/race/level
    Your weapon
    Mob name/level
    White hit or ability
    With STR/AP/SP gear on
    Your AP and SP
    Damage per hit (average w/ range is fine or a full log is better) - ignore crits
    With STR/AP/SP gear off
    Your AP and SP
    Damage per hit (average w/ range is fine or a full log is better) - ignore crits

    Here's a Google Sheets link:

    I think 5-10 mobs could be enough, with 10-100 hits recorded per mob, just to compare against pserver values.

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    Also, everyone submit tickets asking where unarmored mounts are please

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