<Journey> |US-TBD| PST [A] {PvE: 2} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <Journey> Semi-hardcore | Server region: NA (PST) | Server type: PvE | Faction: Alliance

    Introduction: Life and WoW are about the Journey, not the destination. We are a newly formed guild that fosters a community where every member wants to be part of the guild; evident through their actions and interactions in and out of the guild. The leadership team has many years of experience running guilds in World of Warcraft going back to retail vanilla. We have raided and experienced all content up through AQ40 and will push further this time around.

    What we are looking for: Players who like to have fun outside of the raid but are hardcore when the raid commences. We optimally want a 50-person raid team who maintain a 70% attendance level. This includes being prepared with all appropriate consumables and raid spec etc.

    What we are aiming for: Clearing all raid content while allowing for an optimal WoW/Life balance. We would like to clear each tier of content well before the next tier comes available.

    What we expect of members:
    Raiding: We are looking for raid members who will be lvl 60 within 6 weeks and 75% BiS within a total of 8-10 weeks after launch. We will accept casual players (friends/family) who are not progression minded. The player will not have a guaranteed raid spot but could be asked to fill in when required.

    Social (strongly encouraged): Participation in various social activities. (recruitment, social events, etc.)

    PVP: Our focus will be PVE content, but we encourage fun outside of Raid hours.

    Be educated about the class you intend to main and how that class interacts with the raid. You must also be willing to continually learn and accept/give constructive criticism. We are willing to teach class mechanics and associated tactics and/or strategies but need people willing to put the time in and learn.

    Be prepared to raid, bring your lunch pale and let’s get some work done!

    Our Raid Schedule: Mon & Tues from 6:30 – 10:30pm PST. A third night may be added once additional raid content becomes available. 20-Man raid content will occur on off nights. Out of respect for member’s schedules, raid times will not be extended past raid end regardless of progression.

    Loot System: Loot Council

    If you are interested: Everyone that is interested in joining Journey must submit an app via our website. Contact Faceoff#6299 or Faroh#7198 in Discord if you have any questions or clarifications.

    Website: https://journey.gamerlaunch.com/

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    Current Recruitment status:

    Fury Warrior: High
    Holy Priest: High
    Resto Druid: High
    Rogues: High
    Hunter: High
    Mage: Med
    Warlock: Med
    Paladin: Med

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