5 Tips to get to level 60 FASTER

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    Interest ya'n a pint? In this video, Bhelock and I go over 5 tips that you can use today to level faster in Classic WoW! If used regularly, these tips can significantly increase your leveling speed.

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    For those that prefer to read, here are the 5 tips:

    Manage your resources:

    • The best profession to help you manage your health is First Aid.
    • It is cheap and efficient to level as you will find plenty of cloth from a variety of Humanoids around the world.
    • The beauty of it is, once you are done with a type of cloth, you can: sell it on the AH, use it to level up tailoring, use it for reputation, or give it to your friends and guildies.
    • You will see that bandages will greatly increase the smoothness of your leveling and reduce the downtime in between enemies.
    • As a caster, you become a lot less efficient without mana, as it translate to damage or healing
    • Therefore, you need to understand how you mana regeneration works to keep you going efficiently.
    • In combat, your mana starts regenerating 5 sec after your last spell, so casting too many too often won’t allow your mana to get back up; it will cause you to be less efficient and you will have to sit down and drink or use potions very often.
    • To prevent this, try not to spam spells on every mob you fight, unless you really need to burn them down quickly, or attack with a good wand, that way you let your mana regenerate while still dealing good damage.

    Create at least 1 bank alt:

    • A bank alt is a low level character that you bring to a capital city to act as a receiver for all kinds of items.
    • Just like any character, it has access to a full bank storage; and even if you do not buy additional bags slots, it provides you with 24 additional slots free of charge, which is very useful to keep materials for leveling professions or other valuable items.
    • A bank alt also come in handy to sell items on the AH; while questing, you can instantly send items from any mailbox in the world directly to your alt stationed in a capital city.

    Visit trainers only when needed:

    • Visiting trainers at the right time will save you a lot of useless back and forth.
    • Remember that you only get access to new spells when you reach an even level, so do not bother when you are at an uneven level.
    • When you visit your class trainer, take the opportunity to visit your profession trainer and/or your weapon trainer while you are in the city.
    • We also strongly recommend that you keep your gathering profession up to speed, so you can level it up in the same zone where you are questing.
    • That way you will save a tremendous amount of time by not needing to go back to lower level zones.
    • And keep in mind that you can train all the weapon skills available to your class at level 10, so investing early can save you time if, later on, you find a new weapon upgrade.

    Take advantage of rested exp:

    • Whether you are just logging off for a couple of hours or going on holidays for several days, always make sure that you go back to an inn or a city before you log off.
    • That way you will get rested exp at a faster rate. In a resting area, you get 4X the rested exp per hour meaning that you get 1 bar of exp for every 8 hours that you are not playing up to 30 bars as a maximum.

    Get your mount at level 40:

    • If there was only 1 thing that I could recommend you it would be this one.
    • Having a mount just completely transforms your leveling experience for the best, and raising your reputation to honoured with your home city, will help you to achieve that with a 10% discount!
    • You can easily reach honored with quests without going out of your way to specifically focus on gaining reputation, but if for some reason you are not quite there just yet, you can turn in cloth to the appropriate cloth quartermaster.
    • Each turn in will give you 150 reputation, and at level 40, you can turn in the quest for wool, silk, and mageweave for an additional 450 reputation.
    • Once at honoured, the cost for both your training and your mount will be at 90g and 9g respectively.
    • Also be aware that being rank 3 or higher in PvP will give you an additional 10% discount.
      Stay tuned for the next video that will show you 5 tips to get to level 60 RICHER!

    How are those working for you? Do you have tips of your own to level faster? We are new content creators so if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, we'd love to hear about it, and until next time, have a good one, and stay blessed!