<Desecrate> [US-TBD] EST {H} {PVE: 2-3} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <Desecrate> - Horde | NA-PvP | Semi-Hardcore

    Introduction: We are a group of excited individuals to restart the classic WoW experience and play through the new classic vanilla servers when they go live!

    This guild will be a culmination of the hard work of many of the leaders we currently have. We had roots started in a guild called <EVOLVE> on Emerald Dream where we performed legacy content at their intended levels on live servers all the way through Throne of Thunder at level 90. We attempted a restart on Nesingwary in a guild called <Ad Initio> when numbers started to dwindle, but then ultimately merged with another guild called <You Think You Do> on Wyrmrest Accord. The leaders of this guild are experienced in the older content and have either actual Classic raiding experience or a great depth of knowledge of the old expansions. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

    Join our discord and meet and greet people as we discuss vanilla topics and await the highly anticipated launch of the servers!!!!

    We are open to officer positions and if you are interested please let us know if you are looking to lead! Everyone is welcome at any skill level!


    What We Expect Of Members: There is a time and a place for all kinds of humor. Know your audience. Be respectful to those who have expressed comments. We have NSFW channels for memes and the like for those who want to run a little more rampant.

    We have a couple spreadsheets in our announcements tab that you can sign up for a class/role that you WANT to play. Many people are willing to swap around as needed so don't be afraid to ask to try a role!

    Our Raid Schedule: Currently TBD, currently taking a guildwide vote to prepare as we get closer to launch. Likely times will be either 8-11 EST or 9-12 EST, days TBD

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