<Warsong Tribe> |EU| GMT+1 [H] {PvE: 2+PvP} (Serious Casual)

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    Greetings Adventurer!

    The idea of the guild is to bring together great people and build a community that will thrive and develop over a long period of time, much like back in the earlier days when socializing and exploration was the main focus. As World of Warcraft has changed over the years, so have we as people. We have grown and learned from new experiences both within and without Azeroth and it will be a real pleasure to take on this amazing journey once again, this time from a different standpoint and with a new group of amazing people.

    The way that we intend to run the guild is through the involvement of everyone, and with utmost transparency to make sure that we make decisions that are thought through and well recieved.

    Playing World of Warcraft Classic on anything but a PvP server will simply not work, the thrill of the hunt is just too much to miss out on, hunt or be hunted! With that said, we intend to gather our forces at least once every week to team up in battlegrounds or go hunting gnomes out in the world. We may not be the best pvp’ers out there but we will still try to take it as far as we can with our forces, while still maintaining the aspect of fun!

    As we had one of our many voting sessions the decision was made to go with a Ep/Gp system. This will allow us to have a system that’s more fair to each individual while being able to maintain transparency.

    While we’re not a purely dedicated raiding guild, it’s still worth remembering that a big part of the end game is focused around raiding, not just for the gearing aspect but also for fun, we’ll now finally be able to bring back the old team of 40 crazed adventurers kicking it back and cracking some skulls for shiny rewards. As we’ll get to the end sooner or later anyway, we don’t have the intention of stressing about the progression, but rather take it as it comes, and succeed as a team having fun while doing it.

    We’re looking at two raids per week: Wednesday 19:30-22:00 and Sunday 18:00-21:00, all raids will be in CET/CEST. These raids will be focused on the 40-man content specifically, and the other raids will be free to set up as we so please.

    So far we’ve managed to bring together a wonderful group of people. If you happen to be one of those amazing social individuals out there with a great sense of humor, looking to make their future home with us, then we’re very much interested in getting in contact with you.

    Feel free to contact me Cairney#2364 with any questions that you might have or visit our website at http://www.warsong-tribe.eu for more info.

  • which language will be the main language?

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    We're an English speaking guild, I've added it in the post ☺

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    Hey, sounds pretty awesome. I remember playing like there was no tomorrow once up on a time, it will be way more difficult now with work and stuff 🙂 Twice a week sounds awesome...Planning to rock a mean warrior Tank, very interested in Riding / Dungeons. Cheers from London!

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    Original post updated 🙂

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