Classic Macro APIs?

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    It's been assumed that Classic Wow will have a modern macro engine (vs the original Vanilla engine) Curious if anyone has had a chance to check the beta to see which version it is. One way to check it to create a macro in the form of /cast [@mouseover] spell as that was a fairly recent addition.

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    I'd like to create a macro guide for Classic. There are a ton of simple macros that everyone should use:

    • a macro that always uses the highest rank spell (saves bar juggling)
    • Same macro can use SHIFT to cast level 1
    • Mouse cursor targeting for healers
    • Etc.

    However, Most of these tricks are based on the latest Macro Engine from Blizz. If we are stuck using the 1.12 macro engine, then things change drastically. However, there were so many exploits/bots with the 1.12 macro system that I expect we'll actually have the modern engine.

    I'm just waiting for anyone who has beta access to confirm (hence my first post)

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    @kargoz Just said in his stream that @mouseover and /cast sacrifice (for warlocks) all work. So this is pretty good news for making simple/helpful macros

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