5 Tips to Get to Level 60 RICHER | Classic WoW

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    Great t' meet ya! In this video, Bhelock and I go over 5 tips that you can use today to make you richer in Classic WoW! From the basic of looting every single mob to a more advanced tip on how to select items for the Auction House, we got you covered!

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    For those that prefer to read, here are the 5 tips:

    Loot, loot, loot!:

    • One of the easiest way to make money is to start picking up everything that is on the NPCs that you kill, whether you are questing, grinding, running dungeons, etc.
    • And the earlier you start, the better, because the few extra silvers you can make at an early level can have a great impact on your fortune later on.
    • To make sure that you get the most out of it though, invest in your bags as early as you can too; by being able to carry more items earlier, you will immensely increase your potential fortune.
    • And don’t get me wrong, buying new spells is important, especially early on, but definitely plan money for your bags in your budget.
    • So from 6 and 8 slots bags continue to buy bigger ones until you have a full set of 16 slots bags, such as Traveler’s Backpacks.

    Choose the best quest reward:

    • You will turn in many quests in your early levels and many of them will give unwanted BOPs, in that case you want to select the highest valued items to vendor them.
    • Here I made you a list to help you prioritize certain items for maximum revenues:
      • All weapons: they all vendor for a high amount and if you ever have to, give priority to ranged, 2H and shields.
      • As far as the armor goes: the heavier the armor, the better, so look out for plate and mail, but that doesn’t mean to leave out leather and cloth.
      • Gears that give a lot of stats will also have a high value, so choose helms, shoulders, chest pieces and pants when possible.
      • Lastly, jewelry items are the rarest ones you will find, so jump on any rings, trinkets and necklaces that you find!

    Train your professions early:

    • If you want to make a steady stream of gold while leveling, then having a gathering profession is the way to go.
    • And the best time to train your gathering profession is on your first trip to a capital city or before level 10.
    • You want your skills to catch up to your level so you that you can always make money from that profession wherever you go.
    • As far as a crafting profession is concerned, if you chose one, you can level it up on the side, and when you finally have your mount at level 40, then I’d suggest investing into it so that it can be as close to 300 by the time you hit level 60. You will have plenty of time between 40 and 60, trust me.
    • And if you want to make a lot of gold, you can take 2 gathering professions, but don’t be a noob and choose mining and herbalism, one of them has to be skinning, as you can’t have more than 1 resource tracker on at the time; and I mean, beasts are pretty much everywhere and very easy to locate!
    • And do NOT overlook secondary professions!
      • Train at the very least first aid; it is so amazing in helping you keep up the pace while questing and it is easy to level up with all the cloth that you will gather along the way.
      • Even though fishing may be considered a waste of time for some people, it allows you to get fish that are quite important for raiding consumables.
      • And don’t forget that training cooking also gives access to more quests!

    Only buy the important spells:

    • When it comes to buying new spells, only buy the ones that are needed.
    • All classes have a bunch of spells that you don’t need while questing, especially if you play a class that can have more than 1 role like a Druid, Paladin, Priest, Shaman or Warrior.
    • If you do not plan on healing or tanking dungeons often, don’t bother buying every single spells.
      • For example, as a Paladin, you probably won’t need to buy all your protection auras, Righteous Fury and Blessing of Sacrifice right away.
      • And for a Priest, Renew, Fade and Shadow Protection aren’t as big of a priority when leveling
    • All those spells are important once you are level 60 and you will need them, but in the meantime, you can live without them.

    Become a master of the AH:

    • Remember that, if it is of green (or even white) quality or higher, strongly consider selling it on the AH.

    • You will see that green BoEs can make you make you a looooot of gold! So we will discuss how to figure out which items are worth putting on the AH and the ones that should be vendored:

      • Crusader’s Helm of the Monkey: Head piece, mail, 14 stamina and 14 agility, requires level 48

        • This is a very good item as it has both a lot of stamina and a primary stat. It is also post level 40 so Hunter, and I would assume Shamans, could be very interested in that item.
        • It is also still good for Paladins and Warriors as sometimes mail items can still be better than plate in this level zone.
        • And you want a lot of stamina on your gears to allow you to have more health to fight harder mobs and run and reset a bad pulls. And what rhymes with questing? You’re right, ganking! Do not ever forget that!
      • Bloodspattered Sabatons of the Boar: A pair of boots, mail, 2 spirit and 3 strength, requires level 11

        • This is an average item because it has a primary stat for mail wearers and a secondary stat.
        • It is better than another piece of gear with only 3 strength but not as impactful as it could be if it had stam instead.
        • Therefore the choice to put it on the AH comes down to either your mood, your time and or the amount of gold you have to spare.
      • Shimmering Boots of the Falcon: A pair of boots, cloth, 3 agility and 2 intellect, requires level 16

        • Now this is a trash item, as these boots have a primary stat for cloth wearers but it is the lowest one, plus the agility on it is almost useless; granted, it would be worse if it was strength, but armor and dodge don’t do much for them.
    • When it comes to putting items on the AH, I suggest to put items for 24H as you can be steadier with your auctions and it creates a routine. Plus, you get your deposit back once you sell an item anyways.

    • I suggest that if you loot rare or epic items while leveling, sell it on the AH, as blue and purple items can make you a LOT of gold, and having the versatility of using that gold on whatever you want might be better than being stuck with the soulbound item!
      Stay tuned for the next video that will show you 5 tips to get to level 60 SAFER!

    How are those working for you? Do you have tips of your own to make gold while leveling? We hope you enjoyed, and until next time, have a good one, and stay blessed!