Leveling with professions?

  • Mage Alliance

    I totally get that crafting professions slow you down and cost gold. If you want to speed run, general consensus... just say no.

    However, I don't want to speed run. I want to have some fun. I've also been impressed by Kardoz's video about the value of using a wand for casters. It's clear for classic, small things really do help.

    So this got me thinking. Why don't I level my caster with herbalism/alchemy? One of the first recipes is Elixir of Minor Defense which raises my armor by 50. As a mage, frost armor level 1 gives me 30. That's a big boost!

    Forget making gold, seems to me that some of these elixirs, especially for starting levels, can really make a difference.

    Anyone else?

  • Shaman Horde

    I always level some professions while I level up. Always having a healing pot can be a deal breaker on some quests. It does slow you down some, but as long as you can keep yourself from getting to side tracked it is not a major problem if you are not in a rush. I do find I have less money when I hit max level if I level a profession to, but it saves me time when I do max because I can start benefiting from the professions right away instead of having to go back and level them.

  • Mage Alliance

    I remember herbs giving experience so it actually has some leveling value (I just can't recall if herb-experience was in 1.12) The biggest issue is bag space as you'll lose ~5 slots to starting zone herbs/vials/pot. The next issue is just travel time to a major city to get access to the training/mats/bank.

    This is my current plan:

    • level to 5 normally
    • visit city, train herb/alch
    • Purchase vials and mail them them to me
    • Herb for 2-3 levels to get a descent supply
    • Pick up vials at inn and craft a bunch.
    • Email some back to me/keep the useful ones (defence/ healing)
    • Once I hit 10, THEN retrun to the city to level things up

    This should minimize travel time and keep my bags usage to just 2 at a time. Should get biggest bang for the buck with only a single trip to the big city.

    Am I missing something? Improvements?

  • Mage Alliance

    Experience for herbs wasn't until Cata... So.... one less reason to gather while leveling...

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