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    Say No To PUGs | Horde | PvP Server | US West

    About Us: My friends and I played in Vanilla and a looking forward to reliving those times! I am starting this guild pretty much from scratch right now. I haven't been keeping up on private servers, though have been checking things out recently to get reacquainted and plan out my process. My plan is to create a casual raiding guild for people to chat with, run dungeons and pvp while leveling and then get into end game content. I did the hardcore thing in the past in Vanilla and it was fun, but I want to take a more relaxed approach this time around. This will be a guild for those who, like me, now have a family and other responsibilities in life and either cannot and/or don't want to raid multiple times a week.

    Schedule: Raiding will be 1 night a week, Tuesday, from 9pm to 12am PST (raid times may be extended based on circumstances and availability) Currently hoping to start raiding a couple of months after release.

    Recruitment: Everyone is welcome at this point, I have a few RL friends that are with me already but that's about it. I will be looking for more help running the guild as well, so if you are looking for a leadership role let me know and we can talk and see what we can do.

    Loot System: TBD - Thinking DKP + Loot Council for special occasions will be best

    Join up in Discord if you are interested.

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